Saturday, April 20, 2013

love presents in the mail

this was a travel mug I got for a niece for Mothers Day. Isnt the little guy precious?  I couldnt resist!
York Photo dot com is having a special the month of APril.
you make a travel mug with the syle and pic and writing if you want too and at the end you put in code TRAVELLING and it will be 3.00 plus shipping and handling. how sweet is that?  I got one for the niece for Mothers Day. He is holding some flowers out. too too cute! I wanna pinch those cheeks!

but Dunkin is thinking what about poor old me. I never get any attention........EVER!
such a spoiled boy that Dunkin is! look at that fat belly from all those treats. Do they have treadmills for cats????? ha ha

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Norma said...

Hey, thank you for the travel mug idea. I think I have a winner for a gift for my niece. She has two adorable little guys and she can take the mug with her to her nursing job. Love it!