Friday, May 31, 2013

find a friend friday with sew many ways

its Friday! whoot whoot!   finally the end to a long short work week!

see if you can find a new friend..............stop by sew many ways by clicking the link above and see how many new friends you can make.........

look where ideas will go

first I had this idea but something wasnt right

then I thought ok how about this pink?

wanted the bear fabric but couldnt see how to incorporate it into the design...

went back to the drawing board and liked this.........

ended up with is square but adorable and I think will make one pretty little girl quilt

holiday weekend sewing

just a  little weekend holiday sewing..........
decided after all to make these into ornaments......
the trees and the package are bigger so not sure yet what they will become.
the trees are making me think advent calendar........


Thursday, May 30, 2013

practice makes perfect, er a little better?

three little quick potholders to be......

pulled out some of my crazy scrap made fabric and cut them into potholder size squares

then cut scraps of batting to fit and backs of green fabrics

and quilted
one straight lines, one kind of like meander and one  curvy lines. I think with more practice these may actually not look too bad......
into the pile they will go to finish later. If I do them assembly line style then I can trim them all at once and bind them to finish them off.
 I think I will try different colors as well for year round potholders. sunny yellows may be nice..... whats in that scrap bin????

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

rainy days always get me down......

rain rain go away, Dunkin wants to go out and play

                                                          Phoebe's gonna sleep all day

oh I see Dunkin!  he hears the littlest noise and is ready to get up and play

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

what do you think ladies

Ok what do you think? is she done?  I have the darker pink for back and binding.......

Dunkin is on the fence and looking closer at it.
is it ready to quilt up?

burp cloths

Dunkin.....must you be in EVERY picture?????

these are the burp cloths I was working on. nothing fancy. just 2 of a plaid and 2 of a floral kind of fabric all backed with the horse print flannel so it sticks to your shoulder.
hopefully useful to the new mother to be.
Dunkin approves...

Monday, May 27, 2013

a long weekend turns this.............into done

this was the stack of hemming and fixing to do before the weekend.........

these pants needed to be hemmed.............some things needed button sewn etc........

BUT with a little help from my friend..........(old Betsy)
I trimmed the pile by at least half!  I am a happy camper and will try and get them ALL done by weekends end........
I guess dreary rainy days are not so bad after all........
right Phoebe?   oh, sorry I didnt know you were still sleeping........

Dunkin..........where are you going?  not to find more projects I hope!

Dunkin!  quit looking...I can find them all on my own......

yes I know..........your quilt.........I know I is summer now so you will have to wait a bit......

well, I guess it IS cold with the AC on..........snuggle up with Phoebe in hers for now..........
Mama has a few more projects to do first.........

Sunday, May 26, 2013

what do you do on a rainy holiday weekend

its rainy and dreary out on a holiday weekend........whats a gal to do?  (er, um I mean boy...sorry Dunkin)
why rest and spend a lazy day in bed of course........

Saturday, May 25, 2013

wanted to show you this

I wanted to show you you can see someone else wanted to get into the picture....

next row light print? or......

or the pink solid looking moire print?

                                     but these are the real behind the scenes takes
                                                          one playful kitty

lets play hide and seek mom!

I cant see you............

its dark in there......but I can scrunch up the quilt and mom will definately pay attention to me.........

uh oh.....who turned out the lights??????
no wonder photographers get paid the "big bucks"  ha ha

Friday, May 24, 2013

here birdie birdie birdie

Dunkin is having a ball looking out windows following birds outside as they fly  I crack up because he will be seen at a window doing his little cackle noise meaning I see a birdie!
Love this guy!
Phoebe, not so much...........she likes lazy hazy relaxing summer days.......

Thursday, May 23, 2013

playing again with the pink bears

found a bag of 5 inch coins in a zippy bag in my sewing room. some had tons of pink in them.

just for kicks I put a couple up to the bear center........... I dont know what I want to do even more!

I kinda like this look though and I have enough to make a first border around the bears.

I am thinking the dresdans will be a seperate project.

Maybe I willl make a coin or piano key border around the bears with cornerstones of the pink or bear fabric. then I could do a medalion style quilt and add a border of the bear print? or the pink?

think I will play a little more and see what the quilt wants me to do.

lists of projects done so far

I have a little book where I list my projects that are completed. they can be anything, but must be completed!
see a pattern here? see any quilts here?  nope..........
whats a gal to do????????

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

singing the blues

found a zippy bag with blue scraps in it-small sandwich size bag

dumped them out. Holy Smokes! they multiplied!
rumaged through and picked out pieces and sewed into new "fabric". ironed flat

found a zipper in the stash too.
 measured, cut two pieces of the new "fabric" and sewed up a little bag

doesnt it look cute? even made a strap to carry it

I liked it so much I gave you a second view. LOL (or I cant figure out this computer thing)

and had a hard time putting the scraps back. Is it the smaller you cut the fabric the more they multiply?
into the gift box it goes. maybe on another day I will make a small wallet and kleenex holder to match or a large tote to match.
love love love my scraps!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

eeney meeny miny mo...

all pink version?

pink version iwth bear print inserted somewhere inbetween?
bear print version?
Or some combination of the above options?
I kind of like the dresdans on the pink. they seem to show up better.
the print is close  to the background of the bears. maybe if I take the center panel of 4 and put a border of the light bear print and then some pink then the light print again?
I could then put the dresdans on the moire as corner squares and maybe have a border of  bear print and moire?
I think I will cut up some moire pieces to see if that would be an option.

Monday, May 20, 2013

which do you prefer

this was my original idea........the print looks too busy even though it is small and the same colors...........

it is a cute little bear print

So I tried a "solid" or moire print that looks like a solid..........better but still missing something.

see the moire like lines?  a gal I work with gave me a roll of 30 yards of this. woo hoo!  good thing I have a granddaughter that likes pink!   I am not sure if a combination of the two would work better?
what do you think Phoebe?


Dunkin?  help mommy decide......... he rolled up the lighter print.......hmmm  does he not like that in there?

now looking at the they make you dizzy????
looks like this is not going to be a QUICK quilt after all.............