Sunday, June 23, 2013

lost my marbles

I haven't been doing much for the month of June with my neck issues but I saw these on pinterest and had to try it out.
You just get the glass marbles that are flat on one side (I got mine at the dollar store) and then find a design you want to show thru. I used some wrapping paper that had these flower/jacks like design and the little orange guy was actually a fish but it just made a smiley face which I think is my favorite.

I traced around the glass shape, cut it, glued it onto the marble back with white clear drying glue and voila~
I just need to glue little round magnets and they are cute as can be. I also saw where they put them in little metal storage boxes. can you say recycle Altoids tins?
a fun little project that was cheap, easy and cute. This would make a great craft project for the kiddos that are out of school and BORED......
and can double as cute little gifties for the holidays. Now where is my Santa paper?

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laurajane said...

They are cute will have to look for those glass discs here.x