Thursday, June 27, 2013

more cat mats

Dunkin and Phoebe are so lucky.. They get pretty placemats to keep their area clean. they are such messy eaters.

These are easy to whip up with little bits and pieces from the sewing starts. I make them about placemat size (I don't measure - they are each a different size)
I will then add some batting pieces that I stitch together or quilt right to it and bind.
easy, cat friendly and neat.
when you are hurt any little trick to help keep the place tidy is greatly appreciated. Mama has a time getting down to floor level to clean up messes. hubby doesn't mind taking these up for me and putting down a new one.
mission accomplished!

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laurajane said...

They are great, I do the same with my pup,easy to wash and put a fresh one down.xx