Monday, July 29, 2013

the new house

here is my adorable 7 year old grandson on the ladder. he thought he was hot stuff.
This is the dining room area as seen from the living room and door. I wish I had taken a before picture but didn't think about it. We were only thinking lets get the painting done before the movers move us.

This is me (son got a goofy pose). The view is looking toward dining room / kitchen area. You can see a little better here the color of the cabinets which was the color of all the walls. The paneling was ok but dark so we wanted to brighten it up. we used a light gray called chinchilla in an eggshell paint. absolutely LOVE it!!!!!  we left some wood on the cabinets to tie in with the wood on the ceiling. I had forgotten that was there and it will tie the two rooms together.
Also we replaced the low hanging light from the 60s with a wood and black and white ceiling fan that also ties things together. Our theme will be black, wood and blue in the furniture so I think it will look great.

the workers were getting silly from the paint fumes ha ha.around that half wall is our fridge and kitchen area. That will be a bigger project for another time but for $300 we painted the living/dining room, replaced the light with fan and replaced the two sconces to match. not bad and what a transformation! wish we were not so forgetful to take before pics so that you could see what I mean.

this is the living room looking from the dining room area toward the door. the wall had a huge mirror in the center and these two old sconces who have seen better days. handy dandy son replaced them with new ones that match the ceiling fan. he also took out the mirror in the center and will mount our flat screen in there. will save us some floor space. I am thinking my credenza that I use for crafts will go under that wall. The size seems right as it is low and should cover most of that wall lengthwise. it will make a great storage area for canned goods (shhhhhhh  don't tell anyone!) but will look like a great piece of furniture. the cats will love jumping up there so I will make a long quilted runner (see, this IS a quilting really! ha ha)  just down that hall is my sewing room. right now it is a catch all room until all our stuff is in. then we will do the rooms as we want them and then  call to have the rest donated to someone less fortunate who can use them.
 and that my friends was my weekend.............
I am tired but happy. it is starting to look like home!

I should make a welcome sign for the new place

I had made this for a gal that worked for me and left to take care of her kids. she loved hydrangeas........

I started one with a beach and lighthouse scene........maybe I should paint it up and finish it for the new place.....

painting is relaxing to me too....anyone else have like 500 hobbies???????LOL

Sunday, July 28, 2013

to be so content...........

I wonder how long it will take the cats.........

to feel this content in the new house...........I know for a while they will be wondering.......

what the heck happened and where are we??????
here's hoping for a smooth transition

Saturday, July 27, 2013

hello we are still here

hello from Dunkin.....we are in process of moving hopefully when you read this. I wanted to blog ahead in anticipation of the time to get everything hooked back up

Phoebe says hi too.........hopefully next time from the new house.........

Dunkin this is  Phoebe's little buggar............

its ok Mom. I have his afghan.......I can handle myself.........

Friday, July 26, 2013

this is our new home

This is our new home. We are over the moon excited!  got the keys today and will start getting my sewing room over there tomorrow.
I want to paint the living room and have my son look at the wall so we can mount the flat screen tv there. it is with a mirror thingy that I don't like but we will make it ours little by little.

I can start cleaning and getting things organized and situated until we get the movers to move the big stuff. I have gotten the electricity turned on for Monday and there is lots to do. We figure we will get in there this weekend and do some things while we can to make the move easier.

clean, paint, put the extra pans and such away to see what storage we have and what we want to part with and start enjoying life!

even found a hickory nut tree! my mother in law is so happy, she LOVES them!

turning a new chapter of our lives with less stuff, hopefully less stress and more relaxing.

anyone want to join us in the 3 season porch for a cookout????

anyone else seeing a pattern here?

is it let sleeping cats lie?????

or the lion sleeps tonight????

whichever it is..................

these guys make sure they have their beauty rest..........
don't you wish you could just sleep in those seemingly uncomfortable positions?????

Thursday, July 25, 2013

a cool post for hot days in northeast

there there now..........even if you don't have a pool, does this picture cool you down a bit????
snow.......too bad in winter we cant use bottled up sunshine and in summer use some bottled up snow coldness...........we just want it perfect now don't we......
looking at this picture and thinking naw, I will take the sun.................
ha ha

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

still stumped

I am still stumped as to how I can use these two trees

and this package. they are large measuring around 8-10 inches tall. at first I was going to just try and come up with a sort of an advent calendar for the trees with maybe 24 tiny ornaments to put onto the tree?  may still do that. not sure. I could applique the tree onto a square with a place to hang the ornaments on the side, then make 24 either Velcro or some type of attachment to put them on the tree. I thought that may be cute but the Velcro may be an issue. I was going to look into the dots to see how many would fit. may need to make pkgs for under the tree to complete the scene........

the gift one has me baffled. it may end up being an applique on a towel or something. even kind of large for that......
any ideas??????

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

now what box is this in????

once I unpack the box these are in, I will have a couple more little gifties

some journal covers with paper and writing utensils inside.....

can take advantage of the back to school sales that are starting all over the place........have seen things like crayons for .25 per pack!  would make nice little crayon roll ups for the kids or crayon aprons.......
I think that baseball fabric is already cut into a notebook cover. have one grandson who is a baseball fanatic. this would make a great place for him to write down baseball statistics etc.......
and the bits and pieces can be made into bigger pieces to cut into the pattern for the covers. they sometimes make the prettiest covers of all.........and if I make a few extra they are inexpensive little gifts to have on hand for those last minute gifts know the next door neighbor that brings you over homemade bread, the paperboy, etc.........
I put them all in a Christmas box so that I can see my progress through the year and it is fun in December to tally it all up and see what I have in there. kind of like shopping at home LOL
everyone always appreciates scarves and such....

Monday, July 22, 2013

Christmas in July

made these into 2 candy cane ornaments

made three Christmas potholders from the stash of reds and greens........

made a pumpkin colored sort scarf that just needs a brooch or button decoration

made some zippy pouches.......

and made some little magnets for fun.......\
all cute little tuck in gifties for Christmas.......
love getting a head start. good thing this year with the house buying etc going on..........
maybe have to take up some woodworking skills to make some toys????
who am I kidding? they want the electronic ones!  it is still nice to feel like I am a little ahead of the game anyway....... how about you? what have you made lately/

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dunkin is ready to move

Dunkin is ready for the movers to get these boxes the heck outta here!
He is so cute looking out the window at who knows what but it looks like he is waiting for the movers.............hopefully we are moving soon.........waiting on the close..........banks can be such a pain sometimes!

they want us to buy flood insurance....there is a little swamp  area behind us but in the 40 years that the mobile home has been there, there have been NO FLOODS. what are they thinking????  I am thinking they want to get rich off poor folk......

we will see how this works out. If I have to I have to........BUT.....don't you need WATER for a flood????LOL

still here getting ready

Dunkin is looking out for birds and the cats he will miss once we go,..........

I am still packing and making walls...........

Phoebe is like whatever. a gal needs her beauty rest..........funny how we all react differently to the same situation.........wish I could be more like Phoebe......some nights cant sleep I am so worked up. thinking about painting and decorating etc. fun.....

Friday, July 19, 2013

a little bit of an old friend coming with me

this was made and given to me by a dear friend who is no longer with us. we have never met in person but she touched my heart and that of my hubby. she sent me this gift that she made for me and it proudly hangs in my sewing room. it will hang in a place of honor in my new sewing room makes me smile to think of her.....

then reality sets do I get to the closet?  where's Waldo???? LOL
good times....I keep telling myself moving is fun. moving is an adventure. say it with me now.......ha ha

Thursday, July 18, 2013

more moving fun

just a few more pics of my sewing room or what is left of it. LOL
piled to the ceiling with boxes. 7 year old grandson was marking boxes for me. makes me smile to see toylet trees on one. LOL  it is my extra shampoos etc to put out in the new house. brings a smile to my face to know I have a fantastic son and his family helping me out. love those guys!

my Gracie.....see how sad she looks?
hopefully in the new home she will be ok. if not I may have to say bye,......that will be a sad day........

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

duck duck goose

should I take these squares and add to them to make a small quilt?

or make them into  small projects like potholders????
what do you think????

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

small lap to quilt

this is a small lap quilt that I just need to quilt. I am thinking just straight line quilting.
I want to get er done soon so I can spend the cold nights with a quilt on my lap sewing down bindings.
any ideas for how to quilt this up? need easy peasy.....

Monday, July 15, 2013

living with boxes

this is how my sewing room needless to say not much sewing is getting done.
silly me I should have saved a project or two for handwork to be done......hmmm.........which box has my kitting needles and yarn???? I will just have to wait.....

the joys of moving............this will be our last move...........hopefully we find a home for our things and can get on with life.........

Sunday, July 14, 2013

this quilt brings back funny memories

I made this a long time ago for my mother in law. this is a quilt of her life. each square represents something. to the left is her yellow tabby Max the cat and the three are her three sons. the one on the right in cowboy boots is hubby who likes country music, the one in the baseball hat is my brother in law who passed away last year and the other one is their half brother.

love making quilts like this. Each square was designed by me. there are bears in a canoe to represent when they lived in ME, there was their dog, apple picking, a pictorial of their home in the mountains, a chicken when they raised chickens, a lighthouse to represent them living in Plymouth MA, etc.  it was fun. I like doing projects like that. I hunted for just the right apple basket material or the perfect stones or fall trees etc. fun fun! that's what creating is all about!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

this little punk

Dunkin is a little stinker.  will need to finish this off so he can be warm this winter.

hopefully I find it in the packing process...........I probably will .............and it will be a good project to finish first once we move in..................
                                                 the punk needs to be warm too I guess! LOL  he was smaller in this photo. now he is bigger and more muscular.............

Friday, July 12, 2013

wish I could be sleeping about now

so many things to go through and decide on..........

so many things to pack up and get ready for the movers.......................and these guys just sleep..........

they wont be sleeping when the flurry of activity takes place soon............they will be wondering what the heck is going on and why are we in the carriers. they associate them with the trip to the vet even though I try and put them out now and then to explore. they avoid them like the plague!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I wont have chickens in the kitchen

at the new home I wont have chickens in the kitchen. and the table will be in an area that is open to the living room.

hopefully when I finish this I can find a good home for it...............

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

may have to part with this beauty

son and fiancé came over this weekend to help us sort things and list things to sell before we move. it is moving fast so we want to downsize now if we can.

fiancé saw this and kind of liked it so I may have to quilt it up and give it away.

I don't mind. she is a keeper and a sweetie pie!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

need ideas

Phoebe is not usually this sleepy and docile. if she sees an open door, she bolts sometimes faster than you can see and it worries us for the new place.

it is a mobile home and there are no window sills to let them look outside. we will have to see if we can put at least one little table nearby so they can see the world and birdies.

but.............we are worried. every home we have had a barrier of two doors so that if they bolted they met into another locked door and were safe.

any ideas on what we can do when we leave the house? I don't want to have to lock them up in one room until we return.

would a child gate placed in a u kind of shape work? I know they can jump and climb but was wondering if you smart ladies have any ideas. we eventually want to have an enclosed porch kind of thing added but that is down the road........