Tuesday, July 9, 2013

need ideas

Phoebe is not usually this sleepy and docile. if she sees an open door, she bolts sometimes faster than you can see and it worries us for the new place.

it is a mobile home and there are no window sills to let them look outside. we will have to see if we can put at least one little table nearby so they can see the world and birdies.

but.............we are worried. every home we have had a barrier of two doors so that if they bolted they met into another locked door and were safe.

any ideas on what we can do when we leave the house? I don't want to have to lock them up in one room until we return.

would a child gate placed in a u kind of shape work? I know they can jump and climb but was wondering if you smart ladies have any ideas. we eventually want to have an enclosed porch kind of thing added but that is down the road........

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Diane said...

They are adorable. The only thing that works for our kitty is the squirt bottle of water. Jus holding it in our hand seems to do the trick!