Monday, July 29, 2013

the new house

here is my adorable 7 year old grandson on the ladder. he thought he was hot stuff.
This is the dining room area as seen from the living room and door. I wish I had taken a before picture but didn't think about it. We were only thinking lets get the painting done before the movers move us.

This is me (son got a goofy pose). The view is looking toward dining room / kitchen area. You can see a little better here the color of the cabinets which was the color of all the walls. The paneling was ok but dark so we wanted to brighten it up. we used a light gray called chinchilla in an eggshell paint. absolutely LOVE it!!!!!  we left some wood on the cabinets to tie in with the wood on the ceiling. I had forgotten that was there and it will tie the two rooms together.
Also we replaced the low hanging light from the 60s with a wood and black and white ceiling fan that also ties things together. Our theme will be black, wood and blue in the furniture so I think it will look great.

the workers were getting silly from the paint fumes ha ha.around that half wall is our fridge and kitchen area. That will be a bigger project for another time but for $300 we painted the living/dining room, replaced the light with fan and replaced the two sconces to match. not bad and what a transformation! wish we were not so forgetful to take before pics so that you could see what I mean.

this is the living room looking from the dining room area toward the door. the wall had a huge mirror in the center and these two old sconces who have seen better days. handy dandy son replaced them with new ones that match the ceiling fan. he also took out the mirror in the center and will mount our flat screen in there. will save us some floor space. I am thinking my credenza that I use for crafts will go under that wall. The size seems right as it is low and should cover most of that wall lengthwise. it will make a great storage area for canned goods (shhhhhhh  don't tell anyone!) but will look like a great piece of furniture. the cats will love jumping up there so I will make a long quilted runner (see, this IS a quilting really! ha ha)  just down that hall is my sewing room. right now it is a catch all room until all our stuff is in. then we will do the rooms as we want them and then  call to have the rest donated to someone less fortunate who can use them.
 and that my friends was my weekend.............
I am tired but happy. it is starting to look like home!


Rosemary Dickinson said...

Your new home looks wonderful! Best of luck! I'm sure you will all be quite happy there, especially the kitties!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I tend to forget to take before pictures, too, because I am so excited about what I am going to do.

Your new home is going to look fabulous! I am so excited for you!!

Carrie P. said...

how exciting. you will have to show it off again when you get your new couch.