Monday, August 12, 2013

busy busy weekend folks

its been a busy busy weekend but we are IN the new house. the shed is full and we need to cull out stuff but that will come little by little.

I will try and take some pics to show you the house. we are excited. once we finally get things settled down a bit it will be nice. I think I will exchange out the desk I used to sew on for something a little more sturdy. we were going to get rid of it but my son says Ma why keep this one? I agreed. he has been a Godsend helping us to get things in order and get things done.

the only thing left now is to turn on things in the new house and things off in  he old house and we will be golden. mail is being forwarded. gotta call for the first mortgage payment as the book hasn't arrived yet from them. getting worried. don't want to be late first payment!

all else is great.
still a long to-do list but I can come home for lunch now and do things for half hour or so. that will be nice.

thanks all for your patience and still reading my blog while we were in this process.
I promise you I will get pics and show you room by room. I just don't think you want to see all the boxes like it is now.  maybe some of you can help identify some plants for me so I know how to take care of the yard next year. I am baffled by some......

soon hopefully I will be back to sewing! whoot whoot!


Julierose said...

Hurray! You're in there! how exciting! Altho' the un-packing can be difficult it's nothing compared to the BIG MOVE. Have fun setting it all up...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

glad you got moved, have fun but don't pick up any thing heavy