Thursday, August 22, 2013

can you tell this is the sewing room

this is the door to the sewing room. I figured the quilt and cat picture says it all. of course it is not set up yet so no peeks until it is done.
 Dunkin is itching to get into this room. he was able to earlier when we had it piled high with boxes. as we unpack, more things that he can get into are out so the door is closed and he doesn't like it. He makes sure to let me know too! he is the most verbal cat I have ever seen. he gives this little "I got the last word" kind of sound and storms off mad. too too funny. he sure thinks he is human. who am I to argue?
Dunkin, hopefully we will be up and sewing soon and when Mommy puts all the dangerous things like pins etc out of reach, you can come into the sewing room again. I promise!
I need my quilting therapy and quilting inspectors .........


laurajane said...

Our pup is just the same,has to be in on everything.Hope all is sorted soon.xx

Farm Gate Creations said...

I love talkative cats and he certainly is cute.