Tuesday, August 6, 2013

itching to get back to my stash

Still in the process of moving small stuff. the movers come this Sat for the furniture and big stuff

nothing like a move to make you see how much stuff you have! and how much you really don't need.

not much sewing going on. trying to fit what I need in my sewing room and the rest in the small shed so that I can organize it and crank out some quilts this winter.
I have been knitting a few Grandmas knitted dishcloths. I figure I can throw out some of my old junky ones that have seen better days and replace them with some new ones. I finished one lime green one and have enough yarn I think for a second one out of  the same color. we will see. I am on the decrease side of the pattern.
wont be long now. I will try and take some more pics of the house. I have been over there every day at lunchtime from work to do a little more. moving is a tough job! LOL
will pack the car this morning and make another trip at noon. good thing I am only 8 minutes away from work.

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