Tuesday, August 20, 2013

knit dishcloths

anyone else make these? they are called Grandmas favorite dishcloths. I love love love them! As I was moving and packing and unpacking, the only project I could work on was one with knitting needles and cotton yarn as that is what I had in the box I was working on. so I picked out  some lime green yarn and knitted away the stress. in two days one dishcloth done. but oh, I had yarn left. lets see if I can get a second one. knit, knit and yes! a second one. there is STILL more yarn on the ball. do I dare try for a third? I saw a gal on a blog take the bits and pieces and make them into a scrappy one. good idea! that allowed me to throw out some old junky cloths that have seen better days. I have two brand new ones! and maybe a third one on the way.
love quick projects to get the creative juices flowing.........now I am ready for anything! and some of the stress of moving is gone.......now if I could only find the "unpacking fairy" so I can supervise where to put the stuff once unpacked.


Rosemary Dickinson said...

I've made these too. I made one with the outline of a cat on it! Love to make these. Quick and easy!

Julierose said...

I've also made some of these--I have one from a friend in a long rectangular shape that is a showering back scrubber--as she used the popcorn stitch in the center--really neat! Hugs, Julierose