Friday, August 9, 2013

this baby is coming with me

This is one of my babies that will come with me to the new house. I hope to bring it before the movers get here. Will be a busy week. trying to move clothes to the closets and do curtains and windows etc so we can move right in.
I am bringing a little every day trying not to overdo. Thurs our new sofa will arrive. it is one of those dual recliner types. I cant wait! it was so comfy in the store. Our old sofa was ruined by black nail polish from one of my nieces mishaps. it's gotta go.
so much to coordinate! seeing what will fit, what needs to be thrown out or given to someone else to use. It is amazing how much stuff you accumulate in 30 years! when I think about it we started out with hand me down dishes, and furniture etc until we got our own. funny how that works. now I probably have enough for TWO houses! lol


Julierose said...

I agree about accumulating "stuff"; every time I look in our cellar or attic, I think I have to get here and clean out! I have scrapbooking stuff that I'll never use up--have to donate it I think--take it slow and easy now--hugs, Julierose

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

We have a double recliner couch and love it. It's been through a lot with the grandkids. It's time for a new one, but I'm so used to this one......grin.

Carrie P. said...

it is amazing how much stuff we can accumulate over the years. We just got rid of some stuff too.