Monday, September 30, 2013

dresdans found

playing with scraps. if I made the center with scraps and put the dresdans as a border what do you think?
I was thinking about this but not so sure.......
maybe too much blue? my other scraps don't have as much blue in them. maybe they would make a better center.
OR..........should I do something fun with bloggy friends ?
maybe a "round robin" kind of thing......we could all start with a dresdan then for rounds after that we could all put in suggestions and then we would all do it at the same time and keep our quilt top.
what do you think?
anyone interested?  I don't have a linky thing but if I knew who was participating I think I could add you on the side or something. then we could see each others progress and interpretations thru blog links.
sounds like a fun project for after Christmas huh?
let me know if you would be interested. I think I have 10 or so dresdans at least.
then we would have "matching" quilts......not really but would be fun to see how they turn out.

remember the quilt show?

remember last weekend I attended the quilt show?  well, this is what I bought. a panel with lots of FALL squares. I figured with all the Fall fabrics in my stash, I could cut the squares and make them bigger by sewing Fall fabrics willy nilly around the edges and then cut to whatever size. then I would join a few of them to make a runner for the living room.
I figured this way I could stretch this bit of fabric and then make matching runners for the smaller end table to match.

we will see if I can get this one done. if not, it can be for next season........not in any rush
the warm Fall colors I guess were calling me............

Sunday, September 29, 2013

on a roll......

remember these? yeah, I was going through more boxes and found more fabrics and said hmmm........if one is good, MORE is better, right?  so I spent about an hour choosing coordinates and cutting out enough to make a total of 8 crayon rolls. they will be nice to have on hand for occasions. see the 2 white background ones?  these are fun and look like they are Australian. they say Merry Christmas with kangaroos and one with Koalas. cute cute!  (thanks again Julie Rose!)

this is what it looks like all rolled up and filled. nice and tidy way to store crayons

this is what the inside looks like. I used a "dark" liner fabric because I am envisioning when crayons slide in and out they will rub off color. I thought it wouldn't look as bad on a dark fabric.
easy peasy and actually fun. hmmmm.....   pillowcase, crayon roll, coloring book or drawing pad, the start of something fun..........
I want one. Do you think I can alter it to hold a 64 pack of crayons????? I ALWAYS wanted one of those!!!!!!  LOL
hope this is a fun project for you too......into the Christmas box you go my pretty...
(oh yeah, wrong holiday...... I must be in Halloween mode)

scrap preparation for future project

When the scraps get down small, I cut them to 2 1/4 wide (I know, my first one was that measurement instead of 2 1/2)    it doesn't matter how long they are..........long or long as they are the width of 2 1/4 I place them in a container by themselves.

once I get a few and I want to mindlessly sew, I sew them end to end (I don't mess with diagonal- I just sew them)   then I roll them up into a roll.
when I get a huge roll, I will unroll it and sew the ends together jelly roll race style and cut . repeat until the whole thing is done. You could get to a size you want and then just add to the sides as you go along after it is a certain size.
an easy way to get a quilt top of scraps........maybe even a donation quilt............or if you pick certain colors you could make a controlled scrappy........possibilities are endless.........I have a small little roll started from all the sewing I have been up to. I have a lot of small pieces and need to get some lengths to mix in.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

crayon rolls

I cut out 4 crayon rolls.....  for each you need 3 pieces of fabric 6x18 and one of interfacing 6x18  and a piece of ribbon 18 inches long.

the three pieces are outside, lining and pocket.
you will take one and fold it in half right sides out. this will be the pocket section for the crayons.
choose a dark fabric for the inner liner (think crayons sliding in and out getting dirty)
take the pocket section and iron it flat in half right sides out.
take the dark liner section and iron on the interfacing or sew it on to the wrong side.
with the fold at the top and the raw edges even on the bottom, sew the two small side hems of the pocket to the lining. sew the side, bottom and the opposite side. then mark every inch and sew them for pockets for crayons. along one short end of the roll, sew the 18 inch ribbon.(fold it in half and stitch on the half mark of the ribbon to the edge of the roll. so that when rolled it can be tied)
final step, place the outside piece right sides together with this piece and sew all sides leaving a small area to turn. turn it inside out, iron flat and stitch opening shut while stitching close to all edges.
fill with crayons, roll up and tie. DONE!
a nice project for leftovers from fat quarters
once I stitch all these, into the Christmas box they go!  nice with matching pillowcase you think? with coloring books? artist pad of paper?

Friday, September 27, 2013

my new best buddy

I still have not resolved the sewing machine issue with my other singer. so I pulled out this featherweight that I bought a few years ago at a quilt show. was not sure if I even had it checked out but proceeded to thread her up and see what I could do............

see? she is a 221..........."born" in the USA in the 1950's  (just like me)
and she SEWS....................
that is why I got so much accomplished yesterday........
don't you love her??
she is my new best friend.

bits and bobs

the baseball fabric would make a great journal cover for one grandson..........

I need to make something with these once I find them again...........was thinking of some kind of countdown advent calendar maybe for smallest grandkids

not sure what I will do when I find this one. but want to make something....ornament would have to be flat or just lightly stuffed as it is a good 6 inches high if my memory serves me right.

and I had fun fun fun the other day with my sewing buddy! YEAH...........
she came over to see my house and to sew up a Halloween costume. she and a group of friends will be going to Salem for Halloween this year. sounds like fun! she was a cute monster and would NOT let me take pics. :-( 
let me say we had fun making tails and attaching ruffles and eyeballs and such in pretty girly colors of turquoise, pink and purple. she looks so cute!
was a fun day spending time with her and now that she knows where my new place is...........we can have more sewing dates.

how do you store your books?

take a look at this picture.......see the overloaded bookshelf in the back?  this contains all of my books and inspiration..........for, get ready, QUILTING, PAINTING, KNITTING, CROCHETING, COOKING and any other craft you can think about. I think a little JEWELRY MAKING thrown in there for fun. I have used tons of the ideas and patterns but will NOT live long enough to use them all. (CONFESSION, this is not ALL of my books. There is a shelf to the ceiling on the other side you do not see- I have started to weed some out little by little if they have the same pattern etc. luckily I have not come across any duplicates so far)

Do any of you have great ideas as to how to store your books?  My son wants me to scan them all to a drive for the computer. I told him that would be a project in itself when I could be sewing. (SILLY SON)

anyway, I know what he means and he is protecting himself from having to deal with it all when I pass away. (hopefully that is a way down the road, thank you very much!) BUT still I understand his concern.

Are you a book hoarder? Do you get inspiration from books or computer?  I find I pin things on pinterest but to be honest, I never go back there to find the site and pattern again. so I try to stay off that for now. I was a bad pinner in the beginning. pinning all kinds of things. then I said to myself, self, you have TONS of books and TONS of fabric and TONS of thread that you should be USING instead of dreaming about using. GET TO IT....... and you know what???? I LISTENED  (that in itself was a first- listening to the voice saying to do something..........yeah ok I hear voices, so what?....LOL....)

I would love to tame this animal so that I have more room to store my stash instead of books I will never live long enough to use........have projects come back after 20 years? absolutely. have styles and color styles changed? absolutely. so what do you keep and what do you recycle?

                                 INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW...................

missing someone..........

Hey Mom......will she be coming to visit?

No, not Mrs bunny! She comes out for Easter.......

she has to do with this thing on the wall............yes this is a picture wall hanging thing............. this is the has little frames to attach all around the way you like.........

like THIS one......... HEY!   That's HER!  Missing my niece...... this was when she was 2 and we were baking together. (Of course I was younger too)

Look what fun we had......I think we had matching aprons.......and were making something good like cookies........she LOVED to bake.....hope she still does..........

I will watch to see if she comes over..........

Thursday, September 26, 2013

productive day today

made a zippy pouch. from scraps............

lined it in pink to coordinate with the front

made two more zakka pincushions of linen square and a 5 inch charm

cut out parts for 4 crayon rolls out of novelties

sewed and quilted up some mug rugs from Fall scraps

tried to practice some loops and meanders...........
proud of all I accomplished today.
How much sewing did you get to do today?

have you seen these?

I wanted to play with this pile of blocks................

or this pile............
but in the move I am not sure where the box is that holds these ........
guess I better keep sewing..........I am trying to open a box, make a plan, finish the project and move on...........
some of these would make great borders don't you think? I know, working backwards. that is how my mind seems to work these days.......
trying to stay focused with all the house things going on around us.
the kitchen cabinet fix ended up being a huge plumbing job to replace old pipes that will leak if not taken care of. if I sew, it doesn't exist, right????
I can only dream...
Plan B for Christmas this year for sure. chopping the list way down and the gift prices too. just can't do what we have been able to do in the past. but I am looking forward to being creative and making things work.
anyone want to help me go through some boxes?  I see them in my sleep already.........

another gift project

I came across this pattern from green pepper for fleece socks in many sizes. these can be made (tons out of one yard of polar fleece for sure) and tucked into Christmas stockings, baskets like I described before etc. How about a gift of "mistletoes" with fleece socks, nail polish, smelly stuff to soak and relax toes etc?  so many good ideas.........not enough time to do them all.......
these will also be on my list to "fill the Christmas box"
you could even stuff them into stockings (if you are Santa)

do they come in my size mom?  My toes get cold too you know!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

weaving anyone

weaving seems to be so popular these days..........
I found this afghan that is crocheted as a mesh base then yarn is woven on the top to make the plaid design. isn't this great?
another thing on my "to do someday" list..........
maybe this winter????
has anyone done one of these? I was thinking of starting small like a pillow or baby blanket.........

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

my er neat "system"

this is where scraps end up that are relatively small. (think I need a bigger vessel to store them in huh?)
Then when I feel the urge to just sew, I grab either by color (see those "organized" zippy bags by color?) or whatever strikes me that day.
I sew and sew and sew and cut until I have a made piece of fabric big enough to do something with.
Then at a later date I may trim them all up into say potholders, mugrugs, zippy bags or whatever and have another marathon sewing session to finish them. (when I do more than one productions style, it makes me feel like I accomplished a LOT!  hee hee I like to FOOL myself into thinking I am works!)
for the mosts part my "system" works. I just need to tidy it up a bit and maybe make it a little bigger...
what's YOUR system for fun sewing?  Do you make kits for yourself?  Do you just "wing"  it?
they say a creative mind is a messy one........(I must be REALLY creative ha ha)

Monday, September 23, 2013

guess I had better work on these

as I unpack boxes and sort things......I came across this.......what? you cant tell what it is?  Dunkin!.........(he can't believe how OLD it is....older than he is!)
date on selvedge says 1997..........oops!

looks pretty good for being old, huh Dunkin?

There! now YOU can see it too!  This is a door panel to sew up or quilt for a door wall hanging for the holiday of Thanksgiving........It is so vibrant and pretty........I cant believe I never made it up!
wouldn't that squash and gourds look cute lightly stuffed trapunto style?

and a Turkey apron pattern,,,,,,,,,,,,with potholder to match........hmmm............nice Fall project don't you think?

yes Dunkin, I SEE the date on the selvedge...........geesh!  you cant get good help these days!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

September finishes so far

these are all the finishes (or on the way to finished) that have happened here in September. whoot whoot! 8 pillowcases.........

some other scrappy starts that I can not reveal yet...............

started a scrappy bag waiting for a zipper to finish........

a journal cover............

the start of a potholder/mug rug........

the start of a bright something something..........

and I still have a week to go! whooo hoo.............
love it when I can be productive!

hopefully this will be done soon

this is the kitchen with the cabinets put back. what you cant see is the fact that the plumbing pipes underneath need to be done. hopefully that is done next week.
all my kitchen stuff is in the living room...........
patience my dear Dawn..........(not one of my strong points)
God is testing me............and I am flunking! LOL
soon it will all come together........
still love my new home despite its faults

Saturday, September 21, 2013

guess where I am going today

yes sirree Bob (who knows why we say that?)
I am going to the quilt show that is just down the street from my house.
Come to find out a friend that I saw the other day had TWO free passes to the show and knows I am a quilter. (She is a crafter) she can not go so gave them to me.
I was going to go anyway!
I think I will ask the next door neighbor as a gesture to get to know people around here. we have been so busy, not much time for socializing.

whoot whoot!

three more of the pillowcases..........

and potato chips I tell ya!

All 8 that I made within the two days........I am pleased as punch! they all came out so nice.......hubby even put in an "order" for some for us! LOL  He is NOT USUALLY interested much in my projects....

One all spread out so you can see the deer border. it was about a 10 inch by width of fabric piece for the border and 26 1/2 by width of fabric for the rest. easy to find in the stash and easy to sew. instant gratification!  I even had borders that were a little narrow like 7inches so I just added the 3 inch difference to the 26 1/2  to cut that one 29 1/2. long as the border is at least 3 inches wide when folded and sewn I think it would look fine.
I used up a ton of fabrics and have since been hunting for more. nice little tuck in gift or start of a basket or something. for example: movie night basket.......some popcorn, movie and new pillowcase. how easy is that? and cute?
family basket--- pillowcase for each member, and some gingerbread men cookie kits with frosting and candies to decorate? maybe some hot chocolate packets
or relaxation night or spa night.........pillowcase, polish, aroma soaps and candles...........
see? very very handy to have...........just in where is my "girly stash" of fabrics?????

and here were the leftovers of some fabrics I used.........they were about 21 or so inches long.......and about 3-4 inches wide.........I sewed a long strip with them..........I will quilt it up and make a tote for the 3 year go with his pillowcase...

maybe a coloring book and a crayon roll, some matchbox cars and a car roll holder, and voila.........a gift even a 3 year old boy can love,,,,,,,,,,
crayons are on sale from back to school sales so I had better hit the stores......who doesn't love a new box of crayons?
do any of these ideas work for YOUR list?