Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dunkins quilt almost done

Dunkin and Phoebe the minute I laid out the quilt to hand tie........and believe me DUNKIN was NOT happy that Phoebe wanted to lay on HIS quilt!!!! LOL

Ok Phoebe, you have a quilt. Dunkin has waited a LONG time for this one.....just need to bind it now. may use that rose floral that I used for the back. we will see..........feels good to have it almost done!
Dunkin will be warm.........Phoebe will be warm..........hmmmm  better get working on a quilt for me and the hubs! and speaking of hubs...........he is all smiles today...........because...............

yep! life is good...............especially because his recently deceased brother was the absolute biggest Red Sox fan you could ever know........I KNOW he had some pull as he watched them from Heaven.
hope you are having a great productive day as well..........

got the grandkids crafting too

My 7 year old grandson made some gifts too when he was here. Grammie just has to bake them.
at the dollar store get some plain white plates or mugs. take a Sharpie marker and write, draw, etc. then bake at 250 for 1 hr and let it cool in the oven before removing. hand wash.
how cute is that? he drew some hockey and football things. wonder who that mug is for??? LOL

found another Kleenex holder........ in the box you go

Dunkin was so tired of waiting for me he was falling asleep on hubbys laptop case. LOL

Phoebe was chilly so she fell asleep on a fuzzy coat I found that I will donate. (too many candies make it too snug) 

and she waited so long for me she had to move to another location. LOL
busy time of year but has been a very productive Fall so far.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

a green thing goin on............

I noticed I have a green thing going on..........from pillowcases..........

to scarves...............

to crayon rolls............

is it good to be green????
green as in "inexperienced"
green with envy
green as in environmentally friendly
green as in "healthy greens"
Are YOU green?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

mug rug swap

wow I am blown away by the talent in my swap partner. she is from CA and made me these two beautiful mug rugs. she likes to paper piece and does fabulous work! LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
look at those tiny flying geese. this mug rug is about 6x9 so you can tell how tiny they are.

and this one too! love it! the back fabric is a cute candy corn fabric.

this was included in my package. how sweet is my partner? thanks SO SO much! Arent quilters THE BEST???????

Christmas gifts

last night I found this pattern online to make chapstick holder (holds keys too)
they are so easy to make..........and use very little fabric (2 pcs 2x9)

I made 14 of them for the Christmas box.
some match up with the crayon rolls which is fun too. another little tuck in
what are you making?

Mom is my quilt done yet?

Mom I am FREEZING>>>>>>>
Is my quilt done yet?????

Monday, October 28, 2013

more Fall fun

here is my folding wooden basket. it is cut in a way that it just folds down flat for storage. I usually use it in the Fall with these fake apples in it. they look good enough to eat, right?
no more apples needed around here........done peeling, coring and chopping thanks!

this is a sneak peak for my mug rug pal. hopefully she receives this package before she sees my post. she is a new quilty friend from a Fall mug rug swap. we are supposed to make 2 (I made 3) and share. I threw in a pincushion, 2 fat quarters, a pattern for paper piecing off internet, a paper piecing book and a paper piecing pattern. I tried paper piecing and it is not my thing. she loves it so I am hoping that she will like my package.
just LOVE making new quilty friends...........
and you know what???? she is a kitty person too! how cool is that?
Hi Maria!  hope you like your mug rugs......

this must be a hot spot

Phoebe loves the back of the couch.............
And Dunkin does too.........
so they run to see who will get there first............
It is so funny..........just like KIDS............
but sometimes someone loses and has to find a different spot....

Sunday, October 27, 2013

hexagon? mat for Christmas

Have you ever been distracted because you see something YOU HAVE TO TRY?
I found this on the internet somewhere. you take 4 fat qtrs. and from each one cut 2 pcs 2 1/2 x 20. then you sew them into a "strata" where the first fabric has enough contrast from the last one (ie the red and pinecones in this one) you cut them into triangles of 60 degrees. (I used the lines on my regular ruler) making 3 same triangles of each style.
sew 3 together
sew the halves together
line in flannel. quilt it without batting...bind.......done.
this is just my flimsy but I found the red flannel and I am ready to go. also I can make 2 more of this same combination or combine them with others. how fun is that!

a mug rug I finished. this is in the box .......

My mom made this many years ago. she was crafty too! (she passed in 1989 so you know how old this is?) it looks cute in our place.
Happy Fall and happy sewing..........

cant forget the cats for Christmas

gotta find these and make up about two or three more cat mats for the cats food. Dunkin and Phoebe are not the neatest eaters to keep the area tidy I need a mat that I can toss in the wash

It also brightens up that area too. who doesn't like a cheery placemat to eat off of?
this may be a good way to use up some of these older pieces that are just lurking in a box............
mat, bag of treats, catnip toy..................cats...........check!
a quick one off the list
No Dunkin you are NOT getting Electronics this Christmas............You would be on Amazon ordering up all kinds of things.........I KNOW YOU! LOL

Saturday, October 26, 2013

tree dilemna

this is our little tree that was in the corner last year at the apartment. we are still trying to find a spot for it this year. the cats are the issue. always trying to take off the ornaments and eat things. I had it barricaded with so many gifts last year that it was too high for them to jump up.
I think we have a problem Houston! LOL
hopefully I can figure out where to put it and how to arrange it so that the cats don't get hurt. I certainly don't need any vet bills at this time!
and speaking of trees......... I am still trying to see what will happen with these advent calendars. I may be thinking too hard............I need to hurry as they would need to be started on Dec 1st..........
I am beginning to think small tiny ornaments with sequins sewn to tree to hang them on? we will see. all the fabric I have has the wrong scale of ornaments and overpower the tree. maybe some made with beads would work in pockets on the side and maybe some gifts under the tree toward the end with Santa?  that may work............
trees on the brain!

Friday, October 25, 2013

sashay scarf and knit dishcloth

this is another dishcloth I made using the same huge roll of cotton yarn. it is on a spool type thing and I have no idea where I got it. It must have been given to me and put in the yarn. it is labeled inside cotton so I know it will be great for these. I already made 4 of them in this color of the plain Grandmothers knit dishcloth pattern. I may try and get creative and do a patterned one that may look good in a variegated. this is my "go to" project when waiting at the car dealer or doctors office. easy no thinking involved......

and here is MY Sashay scarf. one side looks bigger here but it is the angle of the camera. I may have crocheted a  little tight at first while learning how to do this but the scarf is not off that much. I like it a lot and it is relatively easy once you get the hang of it. It is different than anything I have ever crocheted and the good part is you only need like 4-5 stitches and the ruffles fluff it out so it works up quickly...........keeping your interest until it is done.
have you "sashayed " today?
into the Christmas box you go my pretties...........mwha ha ha ha..........(evil laugh here)

need to change this soon

My Christmas door decoration is in the very back of the shed,. I think I had better get in there and get it out before the snow flies..........
It may be a good idea to keep the small Christmas tree out in the screen room too.
winter is a coming too fast for me!
NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS STUFF ANYTIME SOON!  the only GOOD thing is my driveway is small to shovel.............but the path for the propane guy will be 70 feet long...........gggggggggggrrrrrrr............
the squirrels are burying nuts like crazy, the oak nuts are huge, the brown stripe caterpillars are fat...........NOT a good sign. that means we will be snowed in till JUNE! better get a quilting!


Christmas quilt

found this old "kit" from 1997 from Joann's that had the pattern and pieces already cut of fabric. it was one of those block of the month kind of things and they must have had it on sale later because this is the only one from the quilt I have. I liked the colors so I must have bought it.
well, when I found it, I said hmmmmm, this will be another square in my Christmas blocks quilt.


Yeah I think that it will go ok. some of the backgrounds are pure white, some creamy or beige.
scrappy, just the way I like them!
this will be a quilt for ME. I don't have one............believe that?????

bags are nice

I need to take some of my piecing and make some more bags. Maybe if I keep the piecing all one color I can make little sets
I am thinking of small zippy bag like this about 7x9 ish size, maybe a lanyard or keychain type thing, saw some cute Kleenex covers, also saw an adorable chapstick holder to attach to purse.
If I keep the colors in one family throughout, I think I can then make sets in production style.
Wouldn't that make a sweet little gift?
I am finding chapstick and little things on sale at local drugstore such as nail polishes etc that would make cute tuck ins as well.
Maybe for the gals.........we will see
I am thinking make a blue set, pink set, maybe red set????
What do you think?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

more pillowcases camera is fixed ......I think..........

Hey Phoebe, look at these. they are nice. Mom has been up late cutting and sewing these up and putting them in a box. I wonder why.........

Yeah Dunkin. these ARE nice. I LOVE the blue one. Do you think it is a quilt for me? it is rather thin though..........

No silly it is a pillowcase.......see? I will try it out. ahhhh............nice and soft.......and pretty too!

these are the ones " waiting their turn" to be made. It was fun matching up fabrics and some of the outcomes were unexpected. As I thought, hubby liked the blue one in the photo above so that set of two will be ours.
have 8 cut and ready to sew, 5 to finish sewing, and 2 ready for the wash and then the box.
getting there............

I would like to find these as well

this could be quilted up quickly and bound for an easy quick gift..........maybe still in a box in the shed????  gotta look a little harder to see where these are hiding

Also found a cute idea for these......but where are these?  they had taken them and put on point then attached with a sashing to make bigger quilt. I think the small few squares I have this would work and showcase them kind of..........not sure if I have any of the fabric itself left but would love to have this made into a top already. A lap would work........

and of course...........advent calendar of this.........still working on ideas........... makes it hard as it is so tiny.
Do you think sewing sequins or something and making side pockets with tiny ornaments to hang?
a scene with Santa?
a little help here???? LOL

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

making more pillowcases

these are the first pillowcases I made. since I am already giving them away, (two to mother in law and one to apple neighbor) I decided I needed to replenish the stash. I cant wait until the camera is working again to show you. I will buy a new battery and see if that is the issue. the last kid said no and sold me a charger. doesn't work. says battery exhausted.........
anyhow, I was up late last night cutting and sewing. I cut out fabric for 15 more pillowcases and sewed up the start of 8 of them. (and that was just the tip of the iceberg of fabric stash) will try and continue that today in between plumbing things.
funny story, my apple neighbor was telling one of her friends about the crayon roll that I gave her for her grandson and she said her friend produced one too. seems she too is making them. LOL
small world.......especially with the internet........
I am really having fun with these pillowcases matching up fabrics for the body and cuff. Found some older fabrics in floral that will be very nice. Some in blues that I think hubby will pick out for us. I also found a wild bright green leafy print and paired it with a mild beige print to calm it down. They are all so pretty I can't pick just one. I want a set for my bed (I swear I have pillowcases from when I first got married 30 years ago)
hopefully this will replenish the stash enough for my little gift needs. then I will be on to zippy bags, Kleenex covers and keychains for sets in matching colors. I figure I can still use scraps but try and make them controlled with certain, green, red, pink etc. It will make a useful little set and I saw somewhere on the internet a chapstick holder that clips on your belt too. it looked easy peasy and I have already acculmulated some chapstick from sales as it makes great stocking stuffers.
maybe also an earbud holder? saw those too.
so much to little time..........LOL

more potholders

I have more of these started. gotta find backing and binding..........

love the little print that I can fussy cut to start the piecing. makes them look Christmassy.

and can pair with a simpler one done in the color green.........that can be used year round.
maybe I will try and back them with a piece of the pieced green to make reversible???
also found some grommets and a tool. hmmmm........... that would be cool to make a grommet in the corner instead of a hanging loop..........
maybe could get hubby involved in the grommet process...........teamwork!