Saturday, October 19, 2013

anyone ever use fabric panels?

this is another quilt top I found in my stash of UFOs. It was made a long time ago as I don't even remember where I got the cat panel. I think I had more than one so time will tell
since I have a new friend (my apple neighbor) who adores cats (she has two cute boys) I figure maybe I can finish it up and gift it to her. she has been real helpful to us letting us know who to call for issues, how things work, how to join the association etc. and I think it would make a nice little thank you.
the BIG question is, will I be able to quilt it on my machine? It is a good size. probably 60 x 90 ish. (maybe fit on a twin bed I guess) I am thinking of easy line quilting and it can be organic.......I think it would be fine.

see the cute kitty detail?  I LOVE the wisteria in this panel print. and the borders are a floral with the same colors that are in the panel. how lucky is that?
wonder what I have for a backing?
when I told Dunkin the kitties were so cute this was his response..............

He thinks HE is the cutest thing there is! LOL
little freshie!


Julierose said...

Cuteness for sure! I use panels for holiday wall hangings a lot and also for the center of the reverse of baby quilts and then just add borders..Have a wonderful weekend...hugs, Julierose

donna said...

So cute. What a great gift.