Wednesday, October 2, 2013

been thinking about dresdans

been thinking about the dresdans.........what fun could we have?
I am thnking of maybe putting mine on printed background....
or pairing with other dresdans?  maybe not.....

hmmm...... my favorite blues again..........for a border?  saw some neat borders made of drunken path that looked interesting.......looking up books to get ideas........getting excited to try this round robin with a spin......kind of on a "staycation" LOL  she never leaves the house while you work the rows.......

and I need to find these too. love love love them and need to make some more to play with these too.
been a crazy day here today. plumbers here all day and all day tomorrow. they are replacing all the pipes underneath the mobile home with this new PEX pipe. hopefully as long as I am here there will be no issues. was not expecting this expense so soon into home ownership but I think we will be able to sleep better in the winter knowing they are new and snug and warm.
just makes me want to play with scraps all the more!
have you played today?  Are you thinking about joining us in December for the "staycation round robin"? 
remember, it is a no stress work at your own pace kind of fun for the months following Christmas.
we can even make some of the rows different techniques to learn. Heck we can learn on this practice piece at our own pace, learning a new technique like broidery perse, paper piecing, applique, etc all the while creating something nice and warm and beautiful.
You in?

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