Saturday, October 12, 2013


remember when I showed peeks of the house as we were progressing? this was one of we started to unpack we tried to find homes for things and this area at the time looked like it is totally different. I am housing my candle collection on the top shelf along with the glass jar of marbles and the birds.
.the second shelf is now holding one of those fold down baskets made of wood with fake apples and some odds and ends. it may change yet again as we go through things. I am finding I am making decisions each day as to what is more important to keep and getting rid of clutter that has accumulated over the years.
less to dust.......less to worry about........a cleaner look.....
the furniture that was piled high in here is gone. it still has some boxes that I am working my way through. I need to rearrange the shed for the holiday stuff to be up front and other things packed tightly in the back until we purge that totally. a lot of it is my sewing room stuff. there is a lot of money in fabric and trims and quilting frames so I really am having a hard time paring it down. but I will.........
this pile was moved from old apartment to new house and these boxes are all gone and new homes found for contents. that's a HUGE job finished!

a little sewing being done too here and there. stealing minutes of sewing sanity when I can. this will become a Christmas something........placemat, tablemat or whatever. it hasn't spoken to me yet so I will continue stitching my greens on  it and see what it becomes (hey, greens are healthy for you, you know) I just love the little koalas that were sent to me from a gal in Australia from a fairy swap. too cute!
things are being found like these.........and pondering how to incorporate them into new projects and make them a happy home.......the original plans have since been lost or scrapped (that's why they are a UFO silly)
hopefully they will all play nice together into a comfy warm quilt.

and even doing a little knitting (not on this as it is finished a while ago) but making some knit dishcloths, made one of those ruffle scarfs out of that ruffle yarn (name escapes this old mind at the moment)
finished one in greens and now that I have "mastered"  the pattern ,and I do use that term loosely, it is in the  Christmas box and I will find the other skein in another color way and do another before the cold weather sets in. will make a nice little gift for someone who is a frilly kind of gal.
so even though my postings have not been as regular, I am still alive and working on things around this place.
in the meantime, there were apples to pick, apple pies to make and deliver to new neighbors, more apples to make into something that I can preserve to enjoy this winter, gardens to weed and figure out, leaves to rake off the grass (and cursing at squirrels who seem to laugh as they jump on branches causing more leaves to mess up my clean area of the lawn...........(buggars)  me shaking fists muttering I'll get you  my pretty!!!!!!
all is busy this Fall at the sewyouquilt2 household. (along with the occasional plumbing problems too!)
sew on............
you know that commercial about Calgon?
Singer (insert whatever here ...Janome etc)............take me away!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Julierose said...

Fall is a perfect time to settle in; I am de-stashing and re-arranging and trying to find my real "quilty self"..not so easy...(I hate dusting, too heh heh it just comes baaack!!)
Glad you are keeping busy--today is "Sea Glass" blocks together in rows --FINALLY!! I have to get it off my wall is now raising its voice to me when I sneak by...hugs, Julierose

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Sounds like you've done a ton of work at your new place. I've been in my house for 13 years and I hate to admit I have 3 boxes down cellar that I never even put away! Hope your kitties like their new place!