Thursday, October 31, 2013

got the grandkids crafting too

My 7 year old grandson made some gifts too when he was here. Grammie just has to bake them.
at the dollar store get some plain white plates or mugs. take a Sharpie marker and write, draw, etc. then bake at 250 for 1 hr and let it cool in the oven before removing. hand wash.
how cute is that? he drew some hockey and football things. wonder who that mug is for??? LOL

found another Kleenex holder........ in the box you go

Dunkin was so tired of waiting for me he was falling asleep on hubbys laptop case. LOL

Phoebe was chilly so she fell asleep on a fuzzy coat I found that I will donate. (too many candies make it too snug) 

and she waited so long for me she had to move to another location. LOL
busy time of year but has been a very productive Fall so far.

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