Friday, October 4, 2013

how do you store your books?

see those books in the background?
they are not my whole collection. I have a bookshelf to the right on the other wall that is twice as tall filled with inspiration. some I have put into 3 ring binders from magazines I bought in the past ...........some I have printed off the internet...........and books I have bought..........
some when I had extra money at $30 per book! YIKES...........
is there gold in them thar books?????
My son wants me to scan them and store them electronically which is a great theory but if I do that, it would take me until I die and there would never be any sewing getting done ..........that would be a HUGE task...........(SILLY SON)
I get it. he is worried when I die that it will be HIS task to dispose of them...........(I hope I am not kicking the bucket anytime soon, but I understand his concern.)
I think he watched as in the past 3 years we downsized mother in law and put her in a nursing home per her request and had to dispose of brother in laws belongings when he passed away a year ago. My son saw us agonizing over what to do with things. what personal thing could we keep of that person to remember them by etc. and he is not wanting to see THIS when I pass. I will keep on trying to downsize as I go, little by little and hopefully I can make it manageable.
Do any of you store books electronically?
who knows........could books be the next thing going to the wayside like 8 track tapes? will they be something grandkids kids will wonder about? what was it like to actually sit and read and turn pages as you read? hmmmm.......... I could be sitting on a GOLDMINE!!!! LOL

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