Wednesday, October 23, 2013

making more pillowcases

these are the first pillowcases I made. since I am already giving them away, (two to mother in law and one to apple neighbor) I decided I needed to replenish the stash. I cant wait until the camera is working again to show you. I will buy a new battery and see if that is the issue. the last kid said no and sold me a charger. doesn't work. says battery exhausted.........
anyhow, I was up late last night cutting and sewing. I cut out fabric for 15 more pillowcases and sewed up the start of 8 of them. (and that was just the tip of the iceberg of fabric stash) will try and continue that today in between plumbing things.
funny story, my apple neighbor was telling one of her friends about the crayon roll that I gave her for her grandson and she said her friend produced one too. seems she too is making them. LOL
small world.......especially with the internet........
I am really having fun with these pillowcases matching up fabrics for the body and cuff. Found some older fabrics in floral that will be very nice. Some in blues that I think hubby will pick out for us. I also found a wild bright green leafy print and paired it with a mild beige print to calm it down. They are all so pretty I can't pick just one. I want a set for my bed (I swear I have pillowcases from when I first got married 30 years ago)
hopefully this will replenish the stash enough for my little gift needs. then I will be on to zippy bags, Kleenex covers and keychains for sets in matching colors. I figure I can still use scraps but try and make them controlled with certain, green, red, pink etc. It will make a useful little set and I saw somewhere on the internet a chapstick holder that clips on your belt too. it looked easy peasy and I have already acculmulated some chapstick from sales as it makes great stocking stuffers.
maybe also an earbud holder? saw those too.
so much to little time..........LOL

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Rachaeldaisy said...

I've been wanting to sew pillow cases too. It sounds like you're making lots of fun ones. Your other gift ideas sound great too! You'll be ready for Christmas!