Wednesday, October 2, 2013

one of these things is not like the other

take a lookie at what I found again. an OLD project. one of my previous landlords and I were going to make a Christmas quilt for ourselves with 12 blocks. We each shared Christmas fabrics and monthly each one had to  alternately come up with a square pattern to use. it was fun. It only lasted 6 months before we both got involved in other projects and abandoned this endeavor.

but looking back, some of these squares are very pretty!  and deserve to shine. Don't look close at the mismatched corners or cutoff corners. It was when I was first quilting and needed to learn some lessons for sure.

I lOVE LOVE LOVE this one! I think the fabrics came from Keepsake Quilting in a package of fat quarters or 10 inch squares. so so pretty!

this one is cute too with blue background. BUT..........there is no other one with blue in it. not sure if that was part of the second half of the 12 or not............

paisley is always pretty

if I remember right this square was a buggar! stretches out like crazy but I liked the starry look. (I think I picked this pattern.......DUH what was I thinking????)
anyway, these 6 blocks are just a sitting around. some are smaller than others, (surprise surprise) and the one blue that "doesn't match". I am thinking to finish my Christmas lap quilt of maybe putting the blue one on the back (or saving for a bag or something else) and making another block to have 6- a 2 by 3 layout............
or do I set on point and do 2-1-2 for 5 layout?
I think a scrappy border around each block of Christmas fabrics to make them the same size will help to make the blocks stand out.
what do you think?
any ideas?
( see THIS is how projects stall..........I will work on this a little at a time and if I finish it for Christmas for me, then I will be happy. If I don't, it will be a great January project to finish for next year.)
what would YOU do with these blocks????
after seeing Christmas quilts showing up on blogs I think it gave me a spark to get er done..........

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laurajane said...

All those blocks are gorgeous and whatever you do with them they will look great.x