Sunday, October 20, 2013

one pillowcase down

my "apple" neighbor is having a special visitor soon. Her grandson who is 3 will be visiting from another state at the end of the month into Nov for a few days.
I gifted him this pillowcase and one of the crayon rolls for his visit.
She says he LOVES cars so I am hoping this pillowcase will be fun for him.
I am SO glad I can "SHOP" in my Christmas box for such occasions.....
today MY grandson will be coming over. He is having a birthday and I will make him a money cake. I think he will like that being in second grade and all. (((wink)))
(heck I could use a money cake about now LOL)
what is a money cake you ask? I am glad you asked. it is a cake you bake just like normal in a 13x9 pan. then you take a small box , check book box size etc, and when cake is cooled cut a piece out of the center the size of the box so that the box fits into the cake. (taste test this piece of cake because of course you HAVE to and it will not be needed)
Now you will cut a slit on the top of the box. take some dollars and tape them end to end to make a long single piece and then fanfold them up. you will take the box and string one end of the taped money  through the slit you made. then tuck the rest under the box and put the box into the cake.
the idea here is the cake is protected from the money with the box and a little of the money is sticking out the top to attach to something to make the fun.
you attach the top of the money to underside of a cake topper and then frost the cake hiding the "evidence". Once the candles are out and the birthday boy takes the topper off, the money comes up and the more he pulls the more the money comes up. All my nieces have had these cakes and their little friends have all wanted to adopt me to make them one too. they are popular and you will be on the TOP of their good list FOREVER. LOL  ask me how I know! ha ha
Also have a certificate for him to shop at ToysRUs for a little something. that always makes them feel like a "big kid".
My camera is on the fritz again. If I don't post for a bit you will know why......... I am hoping I can capture some of the fun.
                                                             Hope your day is fun.........


barbara woods said...

all i want for birthday and christmas is fabric

Martha said...

Super cute pillow case. And the money cake sounds fun.

Patrica said...

I've been making pillowcases recently too. They're fast and fun and folks young and old like them. The money cake is something I've never seen but it sounds like a lot of fun and I'm sure anyone would enjoy it. Heck, someone could make a money cake for me but please substitute $100 bills!