Friday, October 11, 2013

progress being made

remember the photo circle thingy I showed you in an earlier post?  well it is ALMOST done. I still am looking for pics so that I include all the grandkids and all the nieces. (I have no nephews except a grand nephew)
Once that is done, that area of the wall will look nice.
have made more progress for the Christmas box as well. the crayon rolls are almost all stitched up. I need to find some grosgrain ribbon for them to finish them off.
so what's a gal to do? hmmm...... what's in THIS box?
why it's a QUILT top!   oh.......its an oldie that I need to finish up. If I look closer I see it was Brittany's quilt. she made this when she was like 7 or so and is now 19.

You see I was making that "life" quilt I showed in an earlier post for my mother in law of her life. and my nieces were helping me to place the squares where they should be. they wanted a quilt of their life. (there wasn't much to pick from so the kids decided on pets and things that meant something to them to put in theirs.)

this blue guy is WINGS, their beta fish at the time.....they thought his tail looked like wings hence his name. LOL

see? I told you it was Brittany's quilt. she traced the letter B and Auntie cut it out of material she chose. (pink Auntie is for girls and girls rule)

this was a moose because her daddy likes to hunt in Maine and there are moose there. it is a suede type material for his face and she found the pattern in a quilt book of mine.

this was her skiing. My other brother who has no children used to take the girls skiing all the time. they loved it! (pink outfit....remember girls rule)

this was a tough one and it is Auntie's poor rendition of their hamster. he looked like a fat blob of brown to me so there you have it. the hamster. (sorry for the bad portrayal)
If you clicked on the actual quilt photo you would see cat fabric , dog fabric, cardinal (we were learning bird calls at the time) a pig and a chicken (Grampy raises them for meat) ice cream cone etc. it was fun seeing what they came up with and seeing how they wanted them portrayed in fabric. they picked all the fabrics and I just executed the square with them sitting on my lap sewing with me. fun fun memories. I am not sure why we never finished them but I think it is time. I have four nieces who started one of these. and I cant remember if all got to flimsy stage or not.
This may be the best Christmas gift ever for each of them now that they are older and will take care of them. I can make a nice story label for each and get them quilted up.
I am thinking simple straight line quilting or something so that I can get all of them done. I would be so happy to do that for them.
gotta run and find some backing fabric...............


Julierose said...

Such cute blocks--and so many wonderful memories--what a treasure for them...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

One of the brands got us a picture frame that holds a lot and I have looked for months for th we right pictures to fit it

sewyouquilt2 said...

thanks for visiting! hopefully I find the other 3 quilts for the other nieces . In the meantime I will try and finish this one. the label will be a long story but will hopefully preserve some fun memories while making this quilt with Brittany. hopefully the "finish fairy" will visit this house.