Tuesday, October 1, 2013

this is the scene from my sewing machine

As I sew, this is what I see when I look over to the right. I didn't even know the little buggar snuck in!  He is my love. HAS to be where Mommy is EVEN IF IT IS IN THE BATHROOM!!!!
He was just contently napping as the 221 purred away at the projects I was working on........need a closer look???

Dunkin.........my sweet sewing companion.
PS. please excuse the messy sewing room. this is neat compared to what it has looked like. I am sewing and using up stuff so I can make it more manageable to walk and work. made room the other day for the ironing board. PROGRESS!!!!  hopefully by the time the snow flies (ugh.....shudder at that thought)  it will be the way I am envisioning it.......

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barbara woods said...

some places are already getting snow