Sunday, October 13, 2013

this was something cute I found on internet and saved too

this little saying was found on the internet where you put this on top of an Altoids mint container. I thought it was so cute for the upcoming season. I do not recall where I got it from but I am thinking if you google Grinch pills it may surface.
Just another cute little idea for the holidays to help you out.........
I am trying to get totally prepared early this season. can you tell?
ps anyone have any good recipes for apples that I can do to save them for later? I made us some pies but want to make either applesauce or apple jam or something for later. (thinking gifts! hmmmm)

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Julierose said... it!!
How about making the contents for apple pie (with all the spices etc) and putting it in glass jars with the recipe on the outside? I've done that and everyone loved it--(just squeeze lemon juice on apples to keep them from turning brown & put in fridge)...who really likes to peel and core apples...hahaha Julierose