Friday, November 1, 2013

flag wallhanging

this is a flag wallhanging that I pieced by machine with my landlord out of a magazine years ago

and then hand quilted it. I loved how the binding I pieced to make it match the sections, ie blue on blue, red on red. I did straight of the grain not bias...........but I like it..........

I am sure my quilting is not perfect but it is perfectly fine for me. I LOVE this wallhanging and it reminds me of that time shared with a friend making the same pattern.

here is a shot of the back to see the quilting. the stripes area I did the curvy quilting and the blue area I did quarter inch around each piece seam.
I will have to find a place in my new place to display these small quilts as I think I also have a Halloween pumpkin one and a wreath Christmas one.

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