Tuesday, December 17, 2013

shhhh dont tell Dunkin and Phoebe

this is what Dunkin and Phoebe are getting for Christmas.
Don't tell!
please ignore the greasy hand prints on the microwave. 
I didn't have a good background for the bird and just had a muffin for breakfast. 
guess it wasn't low fat huh?

anywho, this is the bird that is on TV. saw it at the store and decided to buy it for the "kids".
they love playing with things that move
hubby and I had to try it out and set it up
to make sure it was working.
he is so cute
moves his head and flips his tail
we are crazy people!
sad when a toy parakeet gets you excited for Christmas! LOL
last year the cats got the yellow thing to chase. It is round and has a little tail sticking out that goes round and round
they love it.
when Dad remembers to replace the batteries.........
Hope you are having a little Christmas fun this season.....


Julierose said...

Oh so funny--not sad, but great that a small thing can cheer you both up...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

Cute idea