Wednesday, December 31, 2014


2014 started out with a relaxing robin
I love where this one is going and when finished it
will be MINE. ALL MINE

made an organizer for me for our Association meetings

to help me keep things together

made a flimsy for our new grandson
that will need to be finished
at the time we were not sure boy or girl
and because I had a girl flimsy, I made a boy one
just in case

worked on yard sale items like wish bracelets

piggy banks for the kiddos

pieced leaf potholders

a surprise doll quilt for a friend who
gifted me fabrics

kitties for the yard sale

another leaf potholder

then I found the KITE..........LOL
and made tons of these

made a money cake for a special little guy

oh geesh.......ANOTHER kite mat

tee shirt scarf

got some canning done

shopping tote finally finished

even knitted a little at the doctors while waiting for hubs

baby hats made and donated to a good cause

friendship plate made and delivered to pay it forward

stockings made

pincushion for a friend made

holiday party arrangements made

another organizer made for a friend

hmmmm you think I like KITES????? 

and one last one FOR ME

looking back I guess 2014 was a busy and productive year!
How about you?
Did you accomplish all you wanted in 2014?
I got a call from a sweet niece thanking me for her Christmas gift. she 
was working when I delivered it to her familys house.
and the BEST thing????


How awesome is that????  they are into the arm knitting and I think it would be so 
much fun to do that all together.
hubs already volunteered to keep us in root beer floats as we work
2015 is gonna be a fun year!

busy week this short week

I wont be seeing much of my home this week
work is crazy busy as we get our new computer system in place

whose idea was that to do on a short work week?????

I will be working early mornings till probably late night
to get er done

wish me luck so I can bring in the new Year from home and not from work

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

just a little auditioning

just looking to see how my centerpiece will look
on my table mat
not too bad............

hmmm..........try this candle holder Mom.

looks good from this angle

cant wait to finish my mat........
love the way it looks. it will be pretty for next Christmas
maybe if I make the back plain green I can use it longer

we will see
I am thinking a Valentine one would be nice where are those reds and pinks???

Monday, December 29, 2014

kites and dresdans look a lot alike

these kite shapes made into some centerpieces
look a lot like dresdans dont they?
these are the first three I sewed one morning before work

here is the one I took and finished Christmas day.........

here is the flimsy I replaced the finished one with. LOL
no wonder I love these.........
I love dresdans too
they are so so addictive to do
and it is so much fun to play in the stash
I could make it two toned too but using 4 fabrics is fun
especially when someone else cuts them out for you.......
how cool is that?
I have the best friends.........

gotta get back to this after the first of the year.
wonder if a row of kites would look good?

Sunday, December 28, 2014

still delivering gifts

Christmas day I finally had a chance to finish this one up
remember? my friend cut them out for me and I sewed up 3?
well, I batted and backed it and stitched it
I am thinking for my sister in law

see? red solid backing
(dont mind my ugly hand and sleeve
I am still in my jammies
but I think it came out cute

so what is a gal to do?
finish the other 2? nope.........took some more of the kites she cut out and sewed up this cutie
I am thinking for ME

see that rose fabric?

here .......look closer
yeah THAT beauty! love love love it!
I am thinking I have some yardage of this somewhere in my stash

and this beauty came from my friends stash
love this too!
hope your Christmas was as wonderful as mine was

Phoebe was happy and blissful
she didnt even get any gifts
but we danced to some music together. 
she loves me to hold her and dance
she gets tuckered out if we "cut a rug" LOL

this guy on the other hand..........
Well, he is JUST DUNKIN...........
my cute babies........
love them too!
I am still delivering gifts as our family is so big
and it is hard to hit them all in just a few days
ta ta..........gotta run......

Saturday, December 27, 2014

another package

I have ANOTHER package! from Dunkin and Phoebe
(ya huh it is.......they ordered something for me
from Missouri that place!)

a quilt block calendar, two charm bundles, a fat quarter and a pattern

look at this lusciousness
love love love it!

oh my! my cats have SUCH good taste don't you think?

see? how cool is this?

and I smell another project coming on for next years gifts..........
just sayin
thanks Dunkin and Phoebe
Mommy loves you!

Friday, December 26, 2014

I have the best blogging friends

remember this package that I promised to save until Christmas per request of the sender?
well, IT IS CHRISTMAS..........

OH MY, JulieRose. an Omnigrid ruler and thangles and some
very cool fabrics.........
I am blown away!
thank you so so so very much!

and look at this. I got mail and another package......
what could this be? 

More presents from my blogging friend Babs at
look at that pretty fabric. how lucky am I?

Dunkin is already pondering some new projects

I on the other hand, as I ponder, am having cookies for breakfast.
Hey! It's Christmas! anything goes, right? LOL

Thanks to my blogging friends for sending me 
unexpected packages.
I love you and wish you all a very healthy 
and happy New Year too!