Friday, January 31, 2014


psssssttttt......    hey YOU!

Yeah I am talking to YOU.

lets find some scraps...........

enlist help looking if need be..........

dont let them slack off............

and lets get sewing!..............remember those "resolutions"?
well, as your FRIEND, I am here to remind you to get off the internet.........

see  you in the sewing room!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

dresdan anonymous

Do you think I need dresdan intervention? I LOVE them.......
from modern.......

to scrappy old fashioned..........

to planned color scheme........

to "fake" ones.......

and cute baby quilt ones.......

should I start a dresdan anonymous group?

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

some different creating

every once in a while I like to  pick up my crochet hook and some yarn and create too.

I was a lucky child who had a mom and many aunts who taught me crochet, knit , embroidery and cooking as a young girl. I was one well rounded 9 year old as far as crafts went. I am thankful for their patience in teaching me these skills.

anyway, I started this afghan as a "Christmas" afghan for me. I am using up little scraps of browns, beiges, greens, reds and burgundys. the yarns are all different from fun fur to worsted weight and it is fun to grab a yarn for the next row to see how it looks.
It is just a simple double crochet stitch and sometimes I do two rows of a color and sometimes one. I find the beige and brown rows do better with the double row and the colors a single.
it is a slow long process as I dont always work on it. It is getting to be a bigger size now so it is harder to be a take a long project.
but I still love it............
now where is that yarn basket?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I love to play

these blocks were so fun to make........I only have the nine of them

and have been playing with the arrangements. the top arrangement is from the quilt that inspired the play.
the blocks were set like that and a huge border was added with an applique vine all around and it was gorgeous! and obviously scrappy

Dunkin is checking out this arrangement too
or does it make you dizzy?
maybe he is hypnotized by them.........

maybe I should just sit and sew some more of them........

or do I want to add them to this bunch of crazy sewn blocks and get a top done?
I think I would still have to make more of them.

do I keep the original idea and make blocks to finish the center of the quilt?

Monday, January 27, 2014

my relaxing robin

center circle is up in the air 
have a gray fabric picked out
thinking it may be a good background for a little applique

applique row next
I am excited!

getting ready for February

this is what I have been working on. Yeah, looks like my quilting, right? NOT
BUT I am ready for Valentines as far as my door is concerned. Christmas is finally taken down. it still looked great so it was hard to tear it up.
This first heart I did and said to hubs what do you think? 
he goes too pink. cant go on MY door. 
sooooo...........I looked for some red and made another one. 
the pink went to the neighbor for her door and she liked it! (I do too)

so here is the red version. they are made of all things I had hanging around. 
coat hanger bent in heart shape
then strips of pink fabric for top one and red lace for bottom one
then I found a piece of white lace fringe for each that just went around the inner border
hot glued it on and then decorated with some other ribbon and satin hearts

easy peasy and satisfying because they were literally "free"
and I feel like I am ready for February now.

what do you think? Do you like my "junk"?

2014 will be a busy year

I need to get hand-quilting on this........this is going to be mine for those chilly nights watching tv or snuggling with the cats- my idea of a "modern looking" dresdan

need to get him out of trouble........

need to get her out of trouble....... boxes are surely a cat magnet. this little one found one teeny box in my sewing room that was filled with stuff and she decided to squish herself into the box........until it toppled over and down she came. she stood there for a while just looking at the box as if to say why did you do that?

need to find and do something with these......I am thinking a baby quilt- I think they are already sewn together if I am not mistaken........hmmm.......relaxing robin??? 

need to find more red and blue in stash and make a small duck quilt

need to get him out of trouble..........he is always in my laundry. so far, has not ventured into the dryer and I am so thankful! (I didn't just jinx myself, did I?)

need to find a backing and quilt and bind this one up. this will also be mine....
a lap size...... love this from a one day retreat
and I used my own ideas for the border
(actually I got lazy and didnt want to make any more blocks so took the pieces I had and bordered it- a happy "accident")

need to find this and add a small border. quilt and bind and give to a little girl I know.....
I had bought a yellow  background alphabet kind of fabric and never finished as I wanted the words to all be upright and I think I was short (I will ALWAYS be short! I meant short FABRIC!)
I am thinking to just relax and border it already 

need to finish this up as a runner for the kitchen or for a gift. I no longer have chickens in my kitchen (well, not REAL chickens, unless you are talking about dinner)
my old apartment had chicken wallpaper and this was supposed to be for that kitchen.
but I like the fabrics and it reminds me of a guild challenge we had many years ago as we made placemats for meals on wheels. we had a challenge and all who took the challenge got some fabric. we then added to it and made a placemat. there was a prize for 1st,2nd,3rd as was voted on by guild members who attended the meeting and then all placemats were donated. they encouraged multiple placemat entries . The meals on wheels used them at Easter time when they delivered meals the recipient also got a placemat to keep.
how cool is that?

anywho, by the looks of my list, 2014 is going to be a busy busy year!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

relaxing robin applique decisions

isnt this beautiful applique?  how would that look on my relaxing robin?  
like it would become another UFO that's how it would look. ha ha

BUT something small and relatively simple may foot the bill..........
wish I had seen this before. how cool would it be to put a butterfly in the center of the dresdan???

better get off the internet and make a decision.
applique will take me a little bit to complete and Feb has less days in the month!

hope everyone is having fun sewing

enough said

It was a good day for me.........   <3

Saturday, January 25, 2014

February step for relaxing robin

Here is the February step for those of you who are doing the relaxing robin with us.
Don't be shy, use the link in the previous blogpost so that we can see your progress.

 3. Add applique. could be to the small border, could be to the inner block, or could be an applique border itself. again, try out options and have fun

Now don't be afraid of the "A" word. there are many methods of doing this task.
One is to do needleturn.
here is a tutorial online .....

Or google applique and experiment with some techniques. You may find that a task that you thought daunting, is not so bad at all! I love to applique and this will give me practice toward making that beloved Baltimore quilt that we all want to make.

If you are still afraid, try a small applique like a flower to your block. if you want to perfect your skill, add a border and applique a few different ways. maybe leaves in an easy shape done one way and a flower easy shape done another way.

You can do it.............I have faith in you..............go for it!!!!!

quiet in blogland.......

Its been quiet in blogland............ does that mean everyone is playing in their stash?

or doing other crafty things?

or maybe sleeping?  or playing with the pets?

OR MAYBE............
they are STILL working on their RELAXING ROBIN??????

I am having fun with mine. I keep seeing different ideas for the next step for February.........
which is add applique.........

hmmm......... it is a SHORT month too so I better get a move on............

should I do floral? something round to mimic the dresdan?  something not round to add a new shape?

so many ideas..........

stay tuned as I sort it all out......

(I would need to make about 50 of these relaxing robins to make all of the ideas floating in my head)

make sure you add to the link from the previous post so we can all be inspired by your relaxing robin!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

relaxing robin status

so far this is what my relaxing robin looks like. I have not done much more in prep for the massive snowstorm we are in the midst of. Also trying to prepare for our friends visit by weeks end. Thanks to Lynne for the info on the linky tool. Let me know if you have trouble with it. link up with how far you have gotten. I will keep the link open until the 28th so we can all see the start of our relaxing robins..........

relaxing robin how is everyone doing?

I am excited to be doing a relaxing robin and hope that my lack of a linky tool doesn't deter friends from joining in.
I have listed the link to your blog to the right so if everyone posts on the 25th their progress, then we will all be able to click the links to see others for inspiration. 

I am having unexpected guests (in a good way) who have been friends of ours for 30 plus years. they live in another state and are coming to our state with their grandchildren for a hockey tournament. so while they are in our state, they want to make a quick visit as we have not seen them in about 15 years or so. I will get my robin done early and schedule it to post on the 25th. who knows, maybe you will get TWO versions
we will see
in the meantime, I am a busy gal over here. sewing and cleaning and thinking of what we can do together with our guests when they arrive. 
it is just like when you are a kid and your friends get to come over
very anxious to see them and catch up on our families
they will get to see our new home
funny, they lived in a mobile home before building their now huge house
it is a beautiful A frame with gorgeous views of the mountains
you get up and look out at beauty every day

so this post is about friends and progress
see you in the sewing room

Monday, January 20, 2014

relaxing robin pondering next steps

Do I use up some string pieced blocks to make a border for my relaxing robin?

some crazy willy nilly sewn pieces?

can I "cheat" with this cheater????   nope  already made into a
placemat for the kitties........ good thing huh?
but then they will match my quilt  

ut oh........found this old UFO.......was making a quilt for a boy or man
and used up tons of novelty squares in this
but I think it  stopped because I ran out of the blue
and didnt know what to do next
maybe just quilt er up as a lap size and get er done???
would be nice for a lap quilt for the nursing home. not too huge or too heavy

PROBLEM: no more blue fabric for border; no ideas for  border
SOLUTION: tie or quilt up as is for a laptop size to donate to nursing home

and also found this one. I used to work in a curtain  factory office and when the place closed,
because they knew I was a sewer, I was offered some fabrics and swatch books. 
these are 100% cotton but denim weight
so I just made squares and sewed willy nilly until I got a nice big quilt
I just need to tie or quilt it up
my sewing niece likes it. (it IS nice and warm for sure)
maybe in keeping with the old fashioned theme I can tie each square and do minimal quilting to hold it
or some machine tacking?  it is big and heavy so that has been the issue with finishing this one too

PROBLEM: too big and too heavy to figure out how to finish
SOLUTION: tie or machine tack 

Here is a picture of another toile I had previously thought of using
for my dresdans    
now where is that piece?  it may come in handy for future
rows on relaxing robin
Dunkin seems to like this colorway

Phoebe is bored by the whole thing and the whole process. it is raining and dreary and she is napping soundly nice and warm and snuggly

Dunkin:  I will pretend to sleep too 

Mom: I see your eyes are still open little boy

Dunkin:  the better to see you with Mom

Mom: I know Dunkin, you may miss out on seeing me 
pet Phoebe instead of YOU or something like that
and if I gave HER treats, BOY would I be in TROUBLE!!!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

any gardeners out there?

I am trying to figure out how we can do some nice gardening in containers around here
this butterfly bush was gorgeous last year and so fragrant. it is right on the patio area edge where we hope
to sit and spend a lazy afternoon grillin and chillin at home with friends
any ideas of any other butterfly friendly plants that I can place nearby?
I saw a lovely butterfly house I am going to try and get my brother to make for me.....
maybe for my spring birthday coming up????  hint hint???? LOL

and this little pretty
I want to figure out how to take some cuttings and make new ones. I love the two tone color in the front of the house. 
I am not sure what the previous owner had planted as there were lots of grassy like things (not sure if weeds or not)
when we moved here in Aug.
BUT, if I can make a few more of these guys and plant them alongside to make a low hedge
it would be a great backdrop for some pretty flowers don't you think?

I am also thinking of a container painted with our house number on it with some nice fragrant lavender
in it. saw a cute idea on house number is small
AND we do not go sequentially so they mistake our house all the time.
that would clarify things a bit for delivery and visitors

this is the patio area looking from the shed to the screenroom.
the screenroom is FINALLY cleared of all this debris and is
almost the way we want it. there are a few
pieces of furniture to store supplies like
tablecloths and paper plates etc
and there is a nice table and folding chairs for sitting
I have the radio inside waiting for the warmer weather before permanently planting it
on the table for our entertainment of the season
we also have mother in laws TV that son will install somewhere in there out of the weather elements
for those afternoon ball games

BUT the patio area with the grill NEEDS some TLC. I was thinking container garden of some tomatoes, herbs, lettuces maybe?  then when making that special burger we can just
wash the fresh produce and dig in.
(that is if my green thumb kicks in and we have produce growing)

I bought seeds for some rosemary, flat leaf parsley, lavender, iceburg lettuce, and mixed greens lettuce and kale

in the Spring I want to find some acid free tomatoes and regular tomato, and some cherry tomatoes
my potatoes  I will try in the new plastic trash can that I will paint the same color as my shed
then I will plant them deep down covering them as the plant grows up
and see how that goes. I am thinking the kale may go over there
near the shed too. it is a little more shaded with the trees and I think would do better there

so what do you think?
any helpful hints for this gal?