Saturday, January 25, 2014

February step for relaxing robin

Here is the February step for those of you who are doing the relaxing robin with us.
Don't be shy, use the link in the previous blogpost so that we can see your progress.

 3. Add applique. could be to the small border, could be to the inner block, or could be an applique border itself. again, try out options and have fun

Now don't be afraid of the "A" word. there are many methods of doing this task.
One is to do needleturn.
here is a tutorial online .....

Or google applique and experiment with some techniques. You may find that a task that you thought daunting, is not so bad at all! I love to applique and this will give me practice toward making that beloved Baltimore quilt that we all want to make.

If you are still afraid, try a small applique like a flower to your block. if you want to perfect your skill, add a border and applique a few different ways. maybe leaves in an easy shape done one way and a flower easy shape done another way.

You can do it.............I have faith in you..............go for it!!!!!

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