Friday, February 28, 2014

if cats could talk

my neighbor gave me this cute little book. if cats could talk. it has cute cat pics with sayings as if the cat was talking or thinking and is funny.

this is what I bought (yeah I need it like a HOLE in my head but I was hungry- TWO BAGS hungry by the looks of it ha ha)  and I can imagine that when I am asleep Dunkin will TELL on me......
to Daddy
I kNOW he will..............

this page in the book says if you want something
you have to go in and get it yourself and shows a kitty in the fridge.

I TOLD you he would tattle!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

my coupon holder

this is my stylin binder 
my niece made this for me one Christmas about two or three years ago and made me cry.
she knows I am serious about couponing
and found the pattern online
she made both me and my sister one

it uses a 3 ring binder base with baseball card type inserts
that the coupons go into
I place this in the cart and as I go down the aisles I turn to the section of food in my book such as frozen food for example.
 now even if I didnt know about a sale, I can compare prices and know which deal is better. I may have a coupon on one that is not on sale that is a better deal than the sale one

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when my love of sewing rubs off on people that I love and cherish
I think the binders are called stylin binders if you want to make one

when the velcro flaps are in, it looks like a purse with handles that you can carry
inside she made me a pocket for a pen and a list and the coupons that I am using so I just pull them out at the end of my grocery trip

smart cookie she is!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

relaxing robin status

this is still my status for my relaxing robin.........

Yes I know Dunkin. I am sorry. You can chew me out. I deserve it........

my only applique..........this small flower
BUT I DID do it broiderie perse style......

THIS was one of the reasons...........
I am chief snow shoveller around these parts so when others pray for a snow day to sew
You can find me making these piles..........

and MORE is on the way.........

who got Mother Nature mad? I wanna KNOW!

so my quilting time has been cut down a bit.
BUT I am already cutting some triangles for my next round.
I can always add applique as I go along........

how is your relaxing robin coming along? 

March is
4. add some triangles. this could be flying geese, pinwheels, etc. again, have fun with this. there are many blocks and ideas with triangles.


this is the afghan I am making with large knit needles.
and using Homespun yarn bits combined with other yarn to get this look

I had some homespun left over from making all the scarves
and some other yarn left over that was fuzzy
so I knit the two together as if they were one yarn

I liked it so much I kept adding the different colors of Homespun to the next row and I like the ombre appearance it gives

I now need to get a few more skeins of Homespun yarn for the next rows
I will wait for a sale 
any color will work
I am loving it and can't wait to finish it now
it works up really fast with the size 17 needles I am using

yeah, I know. YARN UFOs TOO!

this is a little piece I did one night when I had 5 minutes to get in my sewing fix.
I have a little bucket to the side of my machine and just grab and sew willy nilly
then I trim it to use it
have made cat mats, rug mugs and zippy bags out of these fun little sewing times and it is fun 
it helps me stay focused and in the interim I may get a quick project to finish
I was thinking this green may become "holiday" potholders
we will see what it wants to be

until then, more fabric "starts"   this one in blue. how fun is this fabric at the top?
maybe it will be an ereader cover
cell phone case
makeup bag

the possibilities are endless

Friday, February 21, 2014

snow on weekend

this is what I woke up to last weekend


this is what the plows left at the end of our street

this took 1 hour to clear

this the plow left at my front lawn

my shed and butterfly bush

my  rhododendrun bush

the tree in the sun

neighbors tree with berries so pretty

mound on front bush

snowcone on top of other bush

snow over the stake guide for the road plow guy

cleared off after the newspaper delivery

hopefully this is the end of this stuff!

but somehow I think MOTHER NATURE is not done with us yet!!!

my hat arrived

the hat that I won arrived safe and sound.
 I am like these dancing penguins!
 AND Barbara threw in some handmade soap that smells so wonderful.
arent quilty friends the BEST??????

my head will be nice and warm and ready for Mother Nature

Thursday, February 20, 2014

February was productive considering

I did not get to work on this Spring hat wallhanging.........

BUT I DID make 10 mug rugs for friends........

and got these UFO blocks sewn into a small quilt I am thinking for a cat........
I just need to quilt and bind

I DID make some scarves for the Christmas box........

I added to my pile of 8 inch blocks and now have enough for a lap quilt

I made a Valentine wreath for the neighbor..........

and one for me.........

I found this to finish for the cat mat.......need to find backing and quilt and bind

I made more of these while waiting for my car to be worked on......

I didnt get to finish this quilt  :-(

I still have some of these to sew up......

I didnt find the fabric that went with this so it sits as well.........

these blocks are too much fun and I want to make a quilt for my bed so they sat for now.

This project.......I dont even want to talk about it. LOL

this is still waiting backing and quilting

still waiting for me

and also waiting........

BUT I am proud of what I HAVE accomplished because I know I bite off more than I can chew
AND I know this has been the year from h e double hockey sticks as far as snow

anyhow, how many of your goals did you meet this February? 
I am making progress on my relaxing robin and will try and remember how to do the link again for next week

see you in the sewing room.........

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

dreaming of garden and warm weather

this is the idea I have only 2 layers and  2 of them for my patio. I want to plant the lettuces on the bottom tier and maybe a pepper or tomato on top layer. will have to see if I can get something compact for top. if not, some rosemary or oregano will do as well.
I am envisioning some nice lettuce pickings for the summertime. YUM
and on the patio near the grill and screened in dining cool is that???

want to join me? I will make a nice big pitcher of lemonade and one of iced tea. 
burgers, dogs, sausages and chicken on grill
what do you say?
I can dream can't I?  this winter will pass I HOPE........

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Brian

this is my son many years ago with his first son
He is having a birthday today
and is 39..........and holding (really)
YEP  where did the time go? just yesterday he was a little boy

Now he is a grown responsible man with kids of his own

and a great Dad.......and husband

his oldest son looks so much like him......brings back memories of him in his hockey gear......

Love you to the moon.........and many more

Monday, February 17, 2014

my Christmas box

I still have this in my Christmas box. a stuffed deer that has magnet feet and a matching deer pillowcase
I also have some other pillowcases too (I got carried away last year in making them - they were so much fun and cleared out a lot of yardage)
maybe I will see if a local small nursing home can give them to some residents for a treat

I have about 5 or so of these hand knit dishcloths. all of them are in this blue. I had a HUGE roll of the cotton yarn that I am trying to use up. I think I will start one a different color or a different pattern to change it up a bit. Do you have any of these? I LOVE them! I have a dishwasher........ME
and these are so nice to use. and they last a long time. Mine were getting a little raggedy so the new ones will be nice to add to my collection

I also have a few more chapstick holders. everyone that I gave one to loved them. I am thinking of expanding on the size to make for maybe lipstick or cellphone

some potholders are waiting binding and in the box they will go.........
love the green as it can be "holiday" without being Christmas

this guy is waiting to be quilted and bound for another cat mat
they have a cute collection now
and I love it as I can change out the old one and
throw it in the wash and have a nice clean one down
for my messy eaters  <3

This was 4 squares from a quilt that I stopped making because I messed up the cutting.
remember the dresdans in this color? well, they are supposed to go with these rail blocks. BUT I didnt realize when I was cutting that one of my rulers was 5 inches wide and one was 6.
so I cut these the wrong size!
I had made a little cat quilt for Phoebe out of the other ones many years ago. she uses it all the time.
I figured I will make another smaller one from these
for a kitty to keep warm
maybe the neighbors kitty   we will see  I am seeing easy line quilting on this and done

and I have a few of these too. have given a couple away with all this cold weather so thats ok too
love it when I have a box full of gifts at the ready.........
2014 is starting out as a good year!