Saturday, February 1, 2014

relaxing robin inspiration

Rainbows, bunnies and cupcakes is doing her relaxing robin in flannels. so far it is looking good.
check it out here.

I am loving all the participants different takes on the steps. it is fun.
join us? no stress or "deadlines". they are there just for a guide.

find or make an orphan block
put a border on it
then add applique
you have till the end of Feb before the next step is announced.

try it! You'll like it! 

this is her block before the applique. pretty...........

so what do you say??????  join us??????  we only have a few steps so that we can get this top done this year..........yep for YOU.........

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sunny said...

I've been terrible about posting, but I am working on my relaxed robin, and have almost finished my February applique. I've decided I'll keep my quilt small, for a charity baby quilt! What fun.