Monday, March 31, 2014

cute little things

these look so cute

and so easy

looks like a little fabric scrap
sewn around a hair elastic

to make a cute Spring bow

Easter basket stuffer????

Saturday, March 29, 2014

cat proofing the house

this is what we have come down to because we get up and 
the cabinet doors are open with the linens 
scattered all over the living room
Doesnt this chair add to the decor? (NOT)

Dunkin I think is the culprit

doesnt he look like he is "faking sleeping"?  
If  I close my eyes tight............
she wont blame me
I am sleeping
nobody messing in there here.
not me Mom

Now she is snoring so I know it wasnt Phoebe..........
little buggars.
told hubs I thought we were done "child proofing" the house.

we will need to come up with a more permanent solution
for the time being we dont want anyone coming over unannounced. LOL
they may think we are CRAZY............

Friday, March 28, 2014

false advertising

I think this is false advertising (tongue in cheek)

 it is ink I bought at Bingo......

And I didn't WIN!! ha ha
but we have a good time with out little group
on Friday nights.
every gal needs a night out
even if you MIGHT be a winner......****wink****

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring and the state of things

thinking of using more of these babies in the relaxing robin.
we will see where I can put them

bunny pencils
I will have to make some of these for the grandkids
maybe some to sell for a dollar
for the association
will raid my solid fabric stash

can't remember where this gem is hiding. it has Bugs bunny and some Easter eggs on it

colorful eggs

flower memories from the garden last summer

and some pretty roses for you.
they may not be long stem
but they are pretty and for you
have a rosy Spring day
(even if it is not nice outside where you are)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

relaxing robin status

remember this? My relaxing robin is a little behind.....
yes I KNOW your fearless leader is not leading........
this whole "job" thing cuts into my free time

Anyway, I had added some piecing of "low volume" as a border to finish up some 
applique as I don't think I am done with that yet
I have too many pretty flowers I think I want to use

I made gray cornerstones and have one flower at the top ready to ]
applique on
I am thinking the tulips in all 4 corners
and maybe some flowers in the low volume border and a butterfly or two
but I can applique as I go along

Here is the quilt inspector
he is tsk tsking my progress
(or LACK of)
there is always a smart aleck in the house

Here is a closeup of the corner where I will applique the tulip

and I need to figure out the borders as I don't think after they are sewn
that they will fit
so will need some kind of adjustment
not sure if I want something added to the previous border?
Or if I want to just have the triangles in certain places in this border with a plain border taking
up the slack
more decisions


5. using some of the fabric in the first border make another border of your choice

How is your relaxing robin coming along?
link up below and let everyone take a "peek"

organizer finished!

I finished putting the binding on my organizer
found this cute stripe and thought it went 
well with the crazy piecing I did.
If I had known how good it would have come out
I would have chosen prettier matching fabrics
it was an experiment....but a successful one!

I am all packed and ready for the meeting
which had been postponed from Jan because of SNOW
potentially LOTS OF SNOW.......
may not have too many people there
but being on the board.........
I MUST be there

At least I will be organized....  :-)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

notepad cover and carrier

remember this inspiration? a tablet carrier with place for cards etc?

here is my drawing of it. I decided to cut off the top flap.
I rearranged the inside pieces to fit my needs.
I need something to carry with me to meetings at the Association
so that I can stay organized and have everything handy

So I pieced up some scraps and fiddled to figure out the size 
that I needed 
I am doing a tri-fold kind of thing

then quilted it in lines about an inch or so apart 
I used thin batting and no backing

I then cut a background fabric and made some pockets
for my things
the one on the left will hold 2 pens and some membership cards
the middle my notepad
the right any checks I receive for dues

see? fits perfectly! 

and I added velcro for closures
here is the right side folded in

Here it is all folded and is just waiting for me to add the binding.
A colorful binder that is sure NOT to get lost
and I will have everything handy dandy
when I need it.
Don't you LOVE the internet for inspiration?
I just need someone to make days a little longer so I have
time to sew them all.

and a "selfie"
not a good one but hey, it isn't as easy as these young kids make it look! 
I guess you CAN teach an old dog new tricks ha ha

why am I thinking Fall?

I think my seasons are all mess up!

but I am drawn to Fall projects..........


this one is so adorable and stylish looking
tablerunner? mugmat?

better FINISH what I have already STARTED!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

subtle messages

hubby says this is what he wakes up to almost every day that I am at work
Dunkin knows how to open this cabinet where I store linens
and he dumps out what he can
then he tries to sleep in there

when confronted of course he denies it......LOL

Go find Phoebe. I didnt do it..............
this guy is such a brat!

this morning 3 am felt this on my foot as I stumbled out of bed.
way to scare ten years off my life Dunkin!
(male ones!)

anyone lookin?

is anyone looking?  I dont see Mom or Dad..........

coast clear on this side too...........

there has to be SOMETHING good on the other side of that door....
..I JUST KNOW it!!!!

Let me see if I can see......or feel..........

Little brother just give it up already........
Mom is WAY too smart for  you!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I am longing for the summer already

I WISH this was my view on the side of the it was last summer
I need to stop and smell the roses.
and I am ready with the coffee grounds to help make them healthy
and nice

it will be interesting to see what comes up in the gardens. some stuff had already come and gone
last year so who knows what I have

butterflies and butterfly bush.......
a gal can dream can't she?
can it be that far away?

Monday, March 17, 2014

have you done silouettes?

have any of my friends done silouettes?
I was just wondering if you got the pictures somewhere 
or if the silouette comes prepackaged.

these mug rugs are so cute! and I have a cousin
that I used to go sledding and skating with.
this would make an adorable gift
to remind her of fun memories

but I dont think I can draw the silouette out.
any suggestions?

leaf me alone

I am thinking I may need to organize my scraps a little more
these would make such cute potholders for our Fall yardsale
at the Park.
I KNOW I have tons of Fall colored scraps that I should group together and sew up
then it is a simple layer, quilt, bind and done
cute leaf potholders
for the Fall
or turkey day
or just because

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Top o the mornin to ya!

this is an old pic of my son and his youngest son

here is the youngest son last Aug.....

and the handsome oldest son.........
for St Pats day we will eat corned beef and cabbage (unless the kiddos want mac n cheese)
love spending time with family........

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Easter will soon be here

how cute is this ribbon Easter bunny?
it is for a hairbow
not sure if I have small pieces of these colors of ribbon
in my stash
if I do, I may have to make some 
just because..........

Friday, March 14, 2014

anyone familiar with this technique?

this quilt was on the web somewhere and was listed as a denim project. the back looks like you sew the denim squares like normal
but I think on the BACK you put a smaller swatch of fabric and fold over the denim seam allowance?
does that make sense?
reminds me of a kind of cathedral window

and looks like no batting etc. just sew and fold and sew?
has anyone ever seen this before?
looks interesting as a scrap project

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I got in trouble the other night

I got in trouble the other night
I wasnt finished eating dinner and hubs got up and started cleaning the kitchen
as an Aries and one who is the caregiver in these here parts
I scolded hubs
I felt stressed like he was rushing me and I wanted to drink my tea and relax a bit

only way he can
by doing the dishes.........
I need to make this sink mat I think........and learn to chill and let others help ME once in a while I guess

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

more inspiration

more inspiration for next year
just four tree blocks
and 4 16 patch blocks
then the other points
could even stop at the square without the outside layer
see what I mean? inspiration?
I dont hear dead people, I hear projects.........
calling me..........
telling me which fabrics in my stash to pull.........
and beckoning me to try it
or challenging a piece of cake that I don't need!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

someone stop me please

stop me from looking on the internet for NEW projects! PLEASE!!!!
I do have enough to keep me busy
but I love snooping around the web
these came from a pattern site
but I think I can figure them out on my own.
this one is a tablet holder and I am thinking it would be great for my new position as Treasurer for 
the mobile home association.
I could take notes, business cards, etc at meetings when I need to stay organized
it would also keep my things seperate from the Associations.

I loved this wreath too. so easy looking and nice.
I must have tons and tons of greens for fabric choices.
looks like those folded squares like used in the folded star patterns

guess I better get off the computer and get sewing on my UFO list