Monday, March 3, 2014

friendly little snowman

with all these snow storms I am not too happy about SNOW
BUT    this little guy makes me smile
let me tell you his story
when my niece (who is now 21) was about 9
she made this for me
AND showed ME how to make them she was so excited. she wanted to make one for everyone that Christmas
I still have him in a place of honor. on a shelf where he smiles at me rain or shine
and never melts. he just melts my heart.
she couldnt believe I still have him.
how can you get rid of this adorable guy??

I am trying to weed out some patterns and books
I will not live long enough to use them all
and would like to gift them to someone who may love them
as much as I do
I used to go weekly to the store and get books for inspiration once I cancelled my quilting magazines.
I felt I NEEDED some quilty inspiration
trouble is, I only have a life span of about 80 years
and most of those years have gone by
I am willing to share

this is a bin of some old fabric that I need to use

here is the start of what may become a giveaway or two
we will see how I progress......
I will let you know in case you are interested in some free inspiration

and my niece wants this to  be made for the summer
her birthday is in Aug
I should have started it last August right?

we will see if I start it or show her how to make it


Julierose said...

YAY--no snow today here!! Cute snowman watching you create!! hugs, Julierose

Barbara said...

Of course, you could never let the snowman, he is a fond memory in addition to cute! Thanks for the pics of the hat and soap, it was a joy to share them with you. Books? Love that you want to gift them, but I'm trying to do the same. Too many here too. I will be watching to see what you do next!