Monday, April 28, 2014

Relaxing robin status

my robin has not been touched this month. thats ok. I have not lost interest.....
life just gets in the way sometimes

with the job getting busier and getting home later 
and figuring out the lawn situation so we dont have to pay someone 
(another task to my list)
and the Fall Yard Sale planning going on
not much quilting going on......

but I have a while to get this done. no rush.......
I have been sewing..
just not quilting

got a great idea for the yard sale.
no, Phoebe didnt get loose  (she cant have any because she is fixed)
but I am making stuffed kittens to put in a basket
for the yard sale for kids.
how cute is that?

I started with this and will make faces and tails

then visited another gal in the park who quilts and this is what she gave me.
how perfect is this fabric???? I love it 
she was so excited when she saw my kitties. she goes the kids
are gonna go crazy
I said yeah and they dont take a lot of time to do. just
something fun
I want to make about 20 or so and put in a large basket with
the sign FREE KITTENS  
I will cut and sew and have another gal stuff them for me

this funny looking shape is going to be a felt piggy bank. found it online and it looked easy and fun
I dont have any felt but will try and get a yard and do as many as it will give
you make two of the pattern and then a buttonhole large enough
to fit in a quarter on one of them only. the kids fill it up
and either wiggle the money back out the hole
or cut it open
I thought it was another cute idea for the kids table
we can sell them cheap too....not much work to them
with felt you dont even need to turn. just cut the hole
and stitch all around the edge as is.
I dont know if we could just use cotton fabrics too
will experiment and see how they go

and pieced three of these to make bags.
one in this colorway. the dark burgundy at the top will be a small top border and larger bottom border and straps
to make the bag.
the other two are in orange colorways with a brown coordinate for one. 
I need to shop the stash for the other one
they are just going to be easy lined totes with a pocket inside the lining
if they dont sell I will take them back

for May
the relaxing robin step is:

6. make a border that has squares in it; 4 patch, checkerboards etc would be welcome here. again have fun


Barbara said...

I so love your little kiddie projects. That kitty face fabric is perfect! Your Robin project just gets better and better. What could ever be better than scrappy with a lovely center?!

sunny said...

I haven't done my April border yet, but I was drawing a design on my graph paper earlier, so I should have something soon.

Alla Blanca said...

While I wish you had more progress to show us (c'mon, I wanna see what comes next!), you are giving us participants all permission to be imperfect, and to miss deadlines, and to just relax and have fun with the process.