Saturday, May 31, 2014

it was a productive month in May

got a small baby quilt top put together

made some baby bibs

potholders for the yard sale

finished the mug rug for the yard sale

made originally 9 cats
then added about 16 or so more

made 25 wish bracelets for the yardsale

entertained the cats so I could sew some more........LOL

and even did a lot of gardening..........
I would say that May was a productive month!
now, onto June!

remember this garden?

remember this garden?  and trying to figure out what is there?
well, I guess I dont have to worry any more.

I came home from work Friday and what did I find?
the HUGE oak tree that was in the back of the property 
was taken down for fear it would fall on one of the mobiles
the only "problem" is.................
the guys that took it down piled the wood from the tree in this garden


boo hoo............
excuse me while I go get some kleenex.........
hoping things will come back nice next year
the bleediing heart looks ok but for the rest
I don't know

why would someone do that?
do people not think anymore?

can you tell I am lucky

I am a lucky gal
the previous owner loved pretty flowers
and made my gardens gorgeous

dont you think?

we are so lucky, right Dunkin?
we love this place
can you tell we are content?

Friday, May 30, 2014

been busy sewing up a storm

finished off this mugrug for the yard sale

these little cuties will be in the free kitten basket
arent they cute?
wouldnt you want to bring one home if you were a kid?

relaxing robin

I will try and post about the relaxing robin this weekend. sorry for the delay
there are so many great quilts out there being made with this plan
I have had many other duties that are taking up my time.
namely the gardens and the lawn
But, I digress.........
this was my idea for the triangle row
I am thinking more of just top and bottom and then adding 
another black border............
to make it not square

then for my squares row, I was thinking of this. the 9 patch 9 patch
for a 9 inch border
yeah I know.......a bit much
I was thinking of using up more lights and then maybe some dark blues for the darks
It will take me a while to get er done

Then I will add more applique onto that inner light border between the two black borders.
just for fun
it will be a busy quilt
but it is for me
as a lap I am hoping 
and I think I will have succeeded in my journey
to make a quilt
that didnt read "pink and blue"
what do you think?
am I crazy?????
(don't answer that! )

or I could just try and use up more dresdans in an outer border too.
but then it would be a king size and I dont want that!

what would YOU do?


this was first to come up in the front garden
beautiful daffodils and jonquils
and red tulips
they dont last long though
then more greens sprouted
and I wondered what was next

so I painted my planter and waited..........

then these huge iris showed up
and boy are they beautiful
love them and the color is so deep and pretty
so got the red to go with it
I'd say we are making progress......

Thursday, May 29, 2014

more guessing games

you girls are good! this is the bleeding heart plant
and I love it.
reminds me of my Aunt Jessie who was a penpal to me 
she would press the flowers and send them to me.
loved that
she was so sweet and nice and was my Grandmothers sister

now here is the test
the leaves on this remind me of roses
Does anyone know what this is???

how about this?  I almost want to say it is a weed.........
milkweed LOL
not sure so I left it.
Am I growing weeds??

this is what the neighbor got for her front yard containers
some celosia cocks comb in orange
and this green and yellow plant that wasnt labeled
it looks pretty
but we have no idea what it is
anyone know?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I need to know how to care for these

this is my rhododendrun on the side
it is a HUGE bush
must have been here for years
I didnt prune it or anything
I will need to find out how to care for it
the flowers are so pretty

take a closer look
see what I mean?  pretty
and it provides some shade for the screen room
love love love it

this was a pot I wanted to make into a natural mosquito repellant
I planted lemon balm
and lemon basil so far
I saw it somewhere and need to find one more plant or two to add
I cant remember the names of any more so will have to google it
take that mosquitos! this is MY space! LOL

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


potholders for yard sale
how cute is this Christmas potholder?

another potholder
some productive sewing 

fruit of my labor

this is the fruit of my labor. the painted popcorn can with the house number
and planted with red petunias and alyssum and vinca vine.
the vine is pointed up today. it was hanging down when I planted it.
I think it looks pretty

and these guys opened.
what a gorgeous purple color
there are some on the left and some on the right

take a closer look
pretty huh?
I love them
every week it is something new coming up
I think the red looks good with the purple
we will see what else comes up

from a distance

I spread the red petunias in the front. hoping they will spread out
and leave some pretty color this summer
they are my way of saying "hi Gram".
she LOVED petunias.......
and I love her

Monday, May 26, 2014

sewing on a day off

this is what I did today. I started out wanting to mow the grass. it was supposed to be sunny and 80
it turned out more like 60 and rainy off and on
whats a gal to do...............
no gardening for me
I baked some chocolate cupcakes
delivered some to two neighbors
saved some for hubby
and sat and sewed

Dunkin kept me company as I sewed. he napped a little and then
when I went to take a picture of my baby quilt..........
guess who wanted to be in it too?
yes, Dunkin!  
You are a very handsome boy......and photogenic too

Look Mom, I like this fabric.........
it is pretty 

ok, lets not change the subject Dunkin.......
silly cat.
what did you do this Memorial Day weekend?
I have a couple bibs to go with this too
ready to stitch up
I think I will work on them tonight.

baby bibs for the kids table

took some scraps and sewed them up

combined them with fabric in my stash

made some baby bibs

for the yard sale this Fall.
love love love making these.
all I need for these 4 is the velcro closures.
and I have two more sewn and cut ready to stitch up
how many baby bibs you think we can sell?
I figured between 1.75 and 2.50 for them
gotta make some "girly ones" next

Happy Memorial Day

what time is it Mom?  is it time for the parade?  huh???  huh???

Dunkin, we dont live on the parade route anymore and the nieces are not in the parade. 
fighting the traffic is not fun around here.
we will watch it from afar.......
to honor those who fought for our freedom

here is the only red white and blue I could find around here.
everything else is still packed up in the shed

Mom, can we make a float? huh? I want to march in the parade.......



Sunday, May 25, 2014


this orange flower was a huge plant in the side garden where I put the bunny
I think it was coreopsis or something like that
not sure if it comes back or not
so many things in the garden that I am not familiar with
it has been fun seeing what comes up
but also dont know what is a weed and what is not

this is the side rose of sharon bush
I couldnt remember the color
I have the white variety
it will need to be pruned as it is getting scraggly

so many treasures

Friday, May 23, 2014

planting almost done

here is my side garden. I planted the two tomatoes and the pepper plant. 
as you can see my 3 tier idea didnt work with what I had bought
maybe I can get more later of the right stuff
all in all though it is looking good

this is the small red maple that I planted the 
violets under
I will try and get some edging to contain them

side garden  from a distance
I think I need some color in front........
some annuals I think

this is my popcorn tin all painted with the house number
I was going to put lavender
but I think it will be too tall

these are iris that are ready to bloom   
they are tall too
I think I need something of color and low

see what I mean?  everything is tall
and green
I am thinking some pretty pink or red or something

and if you see these hoses.
I got three last fall.
hooked them up this Spring and they all leak
I dont have my receipt so they wont take them back
waste waste waste
live and learn.
gotta buy some hoses now........