Monday, May 19, 2014

played in the mulch again

this is what I bought this weekend. some brown mulch
LOTS of it!  about ten bags worth
whats a gal to do when there are raindrops?????
play in between the raindrops that's what!
I got about nine bags down and done. the gardens are looking good
no time to take a good picture. hopefully when the 
sun comes out

I also painted my popcorn tin all black
with white house numbers
the original plan was to plant lavender
the lavender will be too tall there
I have some Iris coming up in the back
am thinking some quick color
like these petunias maybe
we will see what catches my eye at the plant store

remember the tower I wanted to make for my veggies?
that didnt happen either.
the pots I got would not stack well or leave enough soil

I planted them individually
two with tomatoes, (one acid free, one regular)
and a sweet pepper
so far that is what I have........
I rounded up some pots from the neighbor too
they are all terra cotta color to match
I will try and plant some herbs and lettuces in them

they will look like this........
all different sizes but the same color
at least it will have some cohesion

I wish this were mine..........
look how pretty it looks
I think it is coming together nicely
when I have time I will take some pics for you
these all came from the internet 
no sewing this weekend
getting ready for Memorial Day weekend! whoot whoot!
only good days weather wise will be today and tomorrow 
so you KNOW what THAT means..........
I will be MOWING the GRASS............
a womans work is NEVER done! LOL

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Julierose said...

Love that tower of flower (remember that song? from long ago--"tower of power"--yah!) Your place is going to look so lovely. Hopefully more sunshine this week. Hugs, Julierose (home from the sea)