Saturday, June 7, 2014

lilacs dont last

loved the lilacs
but they only last a very short time
who knew? I didnt
but boy did they smell nice as I mowed in back
now to trim this down- gotta research how
so glad for the internet and its wealth of information

this is the back of the shed overlooking the woods
I mow this area too even though it is not ours
it just makes it neater looking back there and 
makes a nice walking path

this is a stick of lilac that I guess should have been trimmed last Spring
I wasnt here
nobody was here to be exact
so I will try and spruce it up for next year

another view of the mess
looking on from my shed
oh well
on the bright side, more sun for my veggies
now that the tree is gone
it was leaning towards the neighbors and my house
that would not have been fun either

some boxes for the yard sale stuff
making my screen room messy for now
but we will soon have it all organized
at least that is what I keep telling myself LOL
what have you been up to?
I think I will be purging and organizing FOREVER
ha ha

1 comment:

sunny said...

The smell of lilacs is one of the best smells of Spring. I wish they lasted longer, too.