Sunday, June 8, 2014

love my bloggy friends and my gardens

I bought this little beauty this past weekend
because a bloggy friend so GENEROUSLY shared some cuttings of her white clematis
so I wanted to take very good care of them

and planted them to the left 
she told me "feet in shade, head in sun"
so the feet are in the shade of the lillies and violets
and the head will be in the sun once they get a little taller
I bought a purple clematis you see on the right as a little friend for it
hoping to see good things come of it

I also staked this guy as he was getting a little tall and heavy
this is hubs acid free tomato

a new euny plant for the side garden
next year I will clear out more of the violets and put them under the red maple
I love them even though they are a weed and the previous owner did too
those other thingies are the remnants of the purple hyacinths

then I proceeded to the front garden and added more red petunias
also added splashes of blue salvia and white salvia for fun
a red white and blue theme I guess
so far it looks pretty good
hoping it will fill in so that the cats cant get in there
they have been sleeping on my daffodils and iris and lillies in there
and using the mulch as a bathroom
little buggars

another view 
can you tell I LOVE it???  
naw.......not much LOL

a citronella plant to repel mosquitos

some action happening FINALLY in the pots I planted a while ago
I am thinking lettuce was one of them
and maybe the herbs?
will tell better when they get a little older
I planted in "rows" so I would know they are not weeds LOL

and I pruned this guy
not too much as only one third is the rule
but a better shape anyway
goal here is to keep them rounder and shorter
so I can pick the lilacs and have more of them
in the Spring
Did I mention I LOVE my gardens????
and my bloggy friends???
I DO, I DO!!!


Rosemary Dickinson said...

What a lovely garden you have! I'm not very good at gardening and admire those that are good at it. I'm lucky my husband has a green thumb or else our yard would look very dull! So nice of Julierose to share!

Julierose said...

I am only too happy to share some cuttings, Dawn! What is a euny plant??? And I love your RWB garden--sooo peonies have finally decided to bloom--yay!! hugs, Julierose

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Your garends are doing lovely. Herbs are natural deterants as well as spritzing with a little citric oil (or you can just put lemon/lime peels in a water bottle with water and then spritz that). I use a lite scatter of moth crytals to keep the coyote and coy dogs from spraying (but they are toxic - so if children are in your area I do not recommend).