Friday, June 13, 2014

more organizing

organizing and going through my sewing patterns
yeah I have enough to start my own store
I used to sew all my clothes and some for the nieces when they were young
the oldest ones are now 
twenty one
Did I just say that???  WOW
where has the time gone?
anywho..............I dont use these anymore

so decided to pack up a box for the yardsale
it is almost full! YIKES
I am thinking one price for the whole lot of them
lots of nice patterns
dresses, jackets, baby clothes, doll clothes, (yeah we had only girls)
and some crafty things too 
for kitchen, baby room, and decorations like stuffed geese
or mice

good thing I have more boxes!!!!

2 comments: said...

I have seen bloggers which are selling "vintage" like from the early 80's or newer online for several dollars a pattern.

Julierose said...

Yes, I agree, that word "vintage" can really hike up the $$$! I have to go down into the depths of my cellar and into the boxes--still unpacked!!--from TEN yrs ago and pull out yard sale stuff, too. And books, too. Hugs, Julierose