Monday, June 2, 2014

relaxing robin status

here is how I started.......I wanted a quilt that didn't read blue and pink
these blocks were started long ago
 for my bedroom that
was blue and pink.
(yeah, SO? I have a right to change my mind-woman's prerogative) 
and now they wont "GO"

1. choose a block from your UFO pile to work with. If you wanted to, you could make the center larger by sewing some together, two, three, four etc. have fun! if you sewed 3 for example runner style then you could make the finished quilt rectangular instead of square.

2. add a small border     simple. could be a plain border, pieced, appliqued etc but make it small. try and use a color not used in your block for added fun later on
(I added black to the mix)

3. Add applique. could be to the small border, could be to the inner block, or could be an applique border itself. again, try out options and have fun

(I appliqued the center circle and added a broiderie perse style flower- I will be adding more 
of these to the next border which was also a UFO of low volume patches

my friend Julie Rose sent me some pretties that I used in the
triangle rows

4. add some triangles. this could be flying geese, pinwheels, etc. again, have fun with this. there are many blocks and ideas with triangles.
(I added only top and bottom to make a rectangular quilt)
I liked them all around though too.....

5. using some of the fabric in the first border make another border of your choice

I liked the idea of the thinner border again to sort of "frame it"

I did top and bottom of the triangles to make it longer than it is wide
I like it!

Does anyone else do this? I measure down the center of the piece to get the measurement
my sides will be? I find it keeps me from getting too wonky
and as you can see I "measure" on the fly LOL
couldn't find the measuring tape in that mess of a sewing room
so I "winged it"
of course my 'helper" was there to make sure I was on track

after sewing them on...........LOVIN IT!!!!

I think Dunkin did too. he was lying on it "testing" it out

Ok Dunkin...........time to get off...........

NO MOM........THIS ONE IS MINE........

that wild child of mine.......he is lucky he is CUTE!

next up is................

6. make a border that has squares in it; 4 patch, checkerboards etc would be welcome here. again have fun

7. finish as you wish. this can mean another border or if you think you are done, quilt and bind up the baby.

I started cutting 1 1/2 inch light and dark strips for the small 9 patches. we will see how far I  get with it.
remember my idea?   yeah, why do you think I have UFOs???????
beside of ideas like that!!!!  LOL

hooking up with something old something     something old something new
I am taking something old (my UFO stash) and making something new (this quilt) out of them and enjoying the process. lets see how I do in June!

I have enjoyed this process and can't wait to finish this baby. hopefully it will be enough motivation to get through my next colossal border. (fancy word for HUGE)

lets see how yours is coming..............
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barbara woods said...

looking good , i am making stars today said...

Turned out cool. I am stuck with a bit too much on my plate right now, but I have some ideas.

Wendy said...

looking great! and what a fab way to make a quilt. I'm planning a medallion quilt -planning in the loosest sense of the word as I'll pretty much make it up as i go!

Kate said...

Looks great! I would have never considered those combinations at the get go, but they blend together very well.