Monday, June 9, 2014

scavenger hunt anyone?

does anyone else make a scavenger hunt for their cats? 
just nuts like me??? LOL

my cats enjoy a good scavenger hunt.
of course I usually "hide" their treats in the same places
so they can "find" them
and gobble them up

but whenever I go outside to work in the garden, this is what I see
Dunkin looking for me
waiting patiently for my return

and as soon as I open the he is
on the top of the couch which is to the immediate left of the door
so I wont MISS him! LOL

and my Phoebe too from Daddys chair.
looking for Mommy to have more fun with
I love love love my "kids"!!!!


laurajane said...

My dog hides her treats herself,she's such a funny little thing.She hides them under the curtains downs the side of the chairs anywhere.She shuffles her paws and nose about as if she is burying a bone it's so funny to watch.x

Dasha said...

A scavenger hunt?? What fun. I play peek-a-boo with Tibby. She also likes to play "football" up and down the hall with a toy mouse, but its usually mother that runs like a demented thing up & down the hall while she sits there and bats at the mouse. LOL