Sunday, June 8, 2014

see why I have to organize?

these are all somewhere 
either in the sewing room
or in boxes in the shed
or in boxes in the screenporch
waiting............. be finished

some need to have a purpose
will it be a bag? a quilt? something else?

or does it just need a backing and be quilted? like this fav of mine
love this! it was made at a one day sewing retreat with a friend
and just needs a little more love to finish it up
I would LOVE to find a pretty turquoise back for it

or this one eye spy....made for someone who is now too old to enjoy it
I need to finish it and maybe donate it so it too can be loved

a  yellow bag all cut and ready to finish
where it is now?  I dont know
hopefully all this cleaning and purging will uncover these long lost loves

and hopefully I can get them done
once my room is set up with the quilting machine
then I can hook up the Janome and SEW............

a girl can dream cant she?
what?  It IS possible to have NO UFO.s
IT IS...........IT IS
I just KNOW it!


sunny said...

No UFO's? Hahahahahahahaha!

Julierose said...

You have got to be kidding--no UFO's?????? Maybe...but I don't think I'll ever see that in my lifetime...ya just keep seein' stuff you NEED to start....hugs, Julierose