Saturday, July 19, 2014

do scraps multiply?

from that one scrap bag that is about 8 inches high 
I made this doll quilt..........

this leaf potholder and strips for two more of them sewn

a candle mat top ready to quilt...........

another doll quilt...........

and the bag STILL looks like this!
I think they are doing the wild thing in my sewing room and multiplying!
I will ask Miss Janome and Miss Featherweight to keep an eye on them
after all............
how many things can you make out of one scrap bag?
maybe that should be a challenge, huh?
we could all put scraps into a small zippy bag till it is stuffed and just zips
that way we all have about the same fabric to  start
then we could see and show how much we made from that
one little bag
But the bag must be empty when done


Charlene S said...

I have decided that scraps like wire coat hangers multiply at night when all is quiet! They also spread out all over the sewing room making a mess.

Julierose said...

Oh they definitely do multiply--in the darkened room, while we sleep they get together and say.."multiply, multiply, make more of us"...hugs, Julierose said...

Keep the light on and maybe they will quit! I have no room to talk, mine do the same thing. :(