Sunday, July 6, 2014


I am getting the urge to make some jam

normally I would have started around May
making some pineapple jam
some blueberry jam

strawberry rhubarb

then I progress into 
onion jelly
garlic jelly
hot pepper jelly
and relish

just because.

Must be Mom saying Hi again.
she and I use to have "jamming" sessions
Hi Mom!  we will make some soon
I promise!
I got some blueberries on sale waiting in the freezer
and some rhubarb in the freezer too awaiting some strawberries

just need a free weekend............


Julierose said...

The one and only time I attempted to make jam it hardened like a rock--so I am totally in awe of your wonderful looking jams...hugs, Julierose said...

I think I need to make peach jam again. Dh inhaled all of it that I made last year.