Friday, July 18, 2014

relaxing robin cutting

cutting up some darks and lights
to go into my relaxing robin
I have about 18 or so more 9 patch9patch blocks to make

thats a lot of 9 patches!
I am thinking this will be done once this row is done
I am thinking black binding
I have some of these in different phases
some cut into small strips
some sewn into 3 squares segment
and some into 9 patches
I need more variation so need to cut more
to vary them in the square
I was toying with the idea of 4 dresdans in the corners
I would just have to see how that would play out
they are UFOs sewn and would just need to be appliqued on 
background square
we will see........
don't you just love playing in the sewing room?

1 comment:

Julierose said...

Oh have your tried "Fun With Barb"'s way to make 9 patches with 4 1/2" squares?? A lot faster I think..I am chaffing at the bit to start my next project(s)..BUT must must finish up..quilted my "Beach Houses" wall hanging--or at least started on my machine today--I have to learn to love machining...I canNOT do the hand quilting anymore with my arthritised (wd??) fingers..Hugs, Julierose