Monday, July 28, 2014

rose of sharon

remember the story of this bush? when we came to see the house
my hairdresser, Sharon, was the one that told me about it
when we did a walk around we saw this Rose of Sharon bush
and I knew with all the other things
1) I found a 4 leaf clover in the yard while waiting for the realtor
2) we saw Rose of Sharon- hairdresser is Sharon and told us about house
3) I saw lillies - My Moms favorite flower
4) we had a pignut tree- mother in laws favorite thing
we KNEW........

it was the house for us...... arent these guys pretty?

I tried to get the bee in there. he was happily buzzing along his daily work

and look! buds galore!  for more flowers later on
how lucky am I?

2 comments: said...

Your rose of Sharon is lovely. I don't have one but a lot of the neighbors do and they look a little droopy. I think it is our lack of rain again this year.

barbara woods said...

I have three of them, my mom used to call them hollyhawks