Monday, July 21, 2014

Sept yard sale stuff

made a ton of these wish bracelets for the kids
am thinking a dollar?  and make a ton more

made some stuffed animals for little ones

and some mug rugs with scraps
there are all kinds in the box 
we will keep that box separate so that it is easier to peruse and find the one you like

some free kittens

some free kittens......
No Dunkin! I will not give you away 
(***wink*** fingers behind back crossed)
a baby quilt to finish up quick

some Fall and winter baby bibs of scraps

a free kitten
(hee hee)
only kidding Dunks.........Love ya!

felt piggy banks

more free kittens 
(Did I say we had FREE kittens??)

leaf potholders
I want to get cracking on more of these

some Fall candle mats
gotta get cracking on more of these too

Christmas and various potholders

I know I have more things too 
like kleenex pocket holders, chapstick keychain, crayon rolls,pillowcases

hoping we have enough as we didnt get many donations this year to sell.
it is a tough economy and we want to help
by recycling nice things
and making things for people to buy
and make money for our Assoc at the same time
when you think Fall, what do you want to buy?

(I was thinking pumpkin pie but we cant sell food) unless it is to the workers
so we will have cookies and brownies I guess
breakfast of all yard salers right? ha ha

I am thinking that Fall decorations may be  nice. in the Fall what do we do?
we want to change the decor to reflect the season right?
maybe I should make a few door wreath type things with some Fall flowers

any suggestions?


sunny said...

Seriously? Did you make all this? If so, I"m going to cut you some slack on UFO's. btw, I was supposed to work on a WIP this weekend, but made two doll quilts instead! It's a sickness, isn't it?

Julierose said...

How about some wreaths with fall leaves (fabric maybe??) and branches...but, ohmygosh--you have so much stuff now!! hugs, Julierose

Julierose said...

AND (duh!!), I JUST noticed those cute macrame bracelets--eons ago I used to make these--and I'll bet the younger teens will snap those babies up. I used to tie mine on and not take it off until it fell off--but then I am older than dirt-sooo (LOL) hugs, Julierose