Monday, August 25, 2014

cvs sale deals

hurry in to your local CVS

mine is having a 75% OFF sale
these are some of the things I got.........

FOR A FUTURE PROJECT ON MY BLOG PICK UP SOME OF THE TEES.  they are usually 4-10.00   they will be 4-2.50! YES
sixty something cents a piece.
if you pick some up you will be ready to join me later on for some gifting

straws. .25  BOTH regular ones and ones for milkshakes
tees-  sixty something cents a piece  I got the largest size for the max fabric

I got my great nephew his Christmas gift. they had a remote control backhoe for normally $20    I got it for 5
so I got the matching dumptruck too.......he will be over the moon!
and I only spent ten dollars........

little kids matchbox type cars normally 5.99    1.75
shelf liner  .25
toothpicks  .25
scrubby for dishes  pk of 4 for .25

can you tell I am over the moon happy?????
hurry, jump, run!!!!!!  to your nearest CVS..........

before the deals are all gone.........

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Julierose said...

thanks for the tip--hopping over there today...hugs, Julierose