Wednesday, August 6, 2014

gotta find these

I love the card trick block
and I LOVE blue and yellow together.......
my living room is blue
and I now have burgundy pillows
but some yellow ones 
would make for a pretty lighter pallette
for the non winter months

I know. a little behind? story of my life.......
or am I WAY AHEAD?????
ha ha
is the glass half full or half empty?

anyway if I can find these blocks
I would like to put them into a throw

just something small to put over the couch

and get them out of the pile of blocks

but with the state of my sewing room these days
which pile are they in???? 
guess I had better start organizing and cleaning huh?


Julierose said...

Oh Dawn, these blocks are so pretty--they would make such a nice throw for your couch for sure. Some very fancy point work in those. hugs, Julierose said...

Your blocks are gorgeous!